Easter Needle Felting for Mawnan WI

Mawnan WI arranged an afternoon workshop for members and the village community to make felt Easter decorations. Most of those attending had not done any needle felting before so it was great to have an expert on hand. Michelle explained what the members needed to do and showed some “which she had made earlier”.

After demonstrating the technique of stabbing, it was over to the 20 members and three visitors to unleash their artistic talents. The women had been warned to concentrate when stabbing the wool with the felting needle which has tiny barbs, but blood was drawn!

By the time everyone had finished and had enjoyed a cup of tea and piece of cake there was a display table full of little felted bunnies, penguins and chicks as well as some beautiful felted pictures of flowers and landscapes.

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3 Responses to Easter Needle Felting for Mawnan WI

  1. Pat Paxton says:

    I would have loved to have seen a picture of the table full of bunnies, penguins and chicks etc.!

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