The NFWI News is a newsletter produced by the National Federation of Women’s Institutes 10 times a year and made available to members.

NFWI News – June 2018

NFWI News – May 2018

NFWI News – April 2018

Note: NFWI has made the decision to phase out NFWI News in newsletter format and make all content available on the homepage of My WI instead, under the existing news section. It is hoped that this will save content from being duplicated and will keep all information relevant and up to date. NFWI News will continue to be published in the same newsletter format for another two months, making July 2018 the last issue. NFWI News content has already begun to be uploaded onto My WI, so please use the next couple of months to familiarise yourself with the news section.