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  1. Jacqualine says:

    When is this

  2. Sandra Buck says:

    We’ve arrived safely

  3. Lucy Lincoln says:

    It’s so pleasing to see the local community taking an interest in such an important problem which is only going to get worse. Cornwall will be affected severely due to its coastal location and this will have an adverse impact on tourism. It’s better to work together now to come up with an action plan for the stormier weather, rising sea levels and drier summers and try to minimize the damage done to Cornwall as an exposed peninsula.

  4. Jean Hoare says:

    Please add Pensilva W.I to the list of W. I s with a Facebook page.

  5. Pippa Stilwell says:

    It’s a great idea to write a letter to your MP during the Week of Action. You can point out that action on climate change is a key campaigning issue for the WI nationally, and also stress that Cornwall offers the potential for producing renewable energy from wind, wave, sunshine and geothermal heat, and ask them to press the Government to support these industries rather than subsidising fossil fuels or nuclear power. In addition, much of the housing stock in Cornwall is damp and poorly insulated, and concerted action on boosting energy efficiency would improve many people’s health and quality of life, whilst reducing carbon emissions. Most of our Cornwall MPs are already keen to promote these ideas, and hearing from us will only help to strengthen their hand.

  6. Genie Krakowska-Smart says:

    Brillant ladies. Good for you.

  7. Lyn says:

    You didn’t show the entries for the WI Group Staged Exhibit on the theme of Poldark! I have some photos if you come back to me. I also have a photo of a WI Member who won a cup and lots Of firsts, Ali Menary, with one of her winning entries.

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      Where was this, Lyn? I don’t think there was a Royal Cornwall Show competition on the theme of Poldark!

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  9. Pam Selley says:

    Thank you ladies for your company and making it an enjoyable event. Thank you also to the staff at Knightor for adding to our enjoyment and providing an excellent ploughmans lunch.

  10. Beth Marshall says:

    ‘Cheekily wondering’, nothing cheeky about this request. The WI community is about community …. supporting our community and it’s facilities. Cornwall Hospice Care is a great cause which sadly touches the lives of many. I wish them well.

  11. Sandra Buck says:

    Congratulations to all of you

  12. Shirley Trewin says:

    Congratulations Margaret and her New Team xx

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  14. Genie Krakowska-Smart says:

    Very moving. Well done.

  15. Elizabeth Marshall says:

    Beautifully and poignantly said. 🌺

  16. Beth Marshall says:

    Beautifully and poignantly said 🌺

  17. Jennifer Gourley says:

    My mixed media piece has been accepted by South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts to be part of their Open exhibition in Exeter!

    Exeter Castle, Tuesday 14th to Saturday 25th November 2017.

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      That is fantastic news, Jennifer! Make sure you get some pictures of yourself at the exhibition to send to WI Life (and to County News).

  18. Beth Marshall says:

    Dear CFWI,
    On the Cornwall Council website the timetable for this recycling survey is given as
    1. Oct 31 st deadline for submitting survey.
    2 Jan 2018 consideration of survey
    3 Feb 2018 vote on new Biffa contract

    I think it is probably too late based on the above timetable to fill out survey.
    I personally think Cornwall Councils new recycling collection plans are excellent and fit in with my household waste needs.

  19. Beth Marshall says:

    Thank you. Oh what a lovely picture .

  20. Mary Quinney says:

    Hi, do we have to pre- book the soup and roll for the Gardening Chalkenge Day?

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      You do need to specify whether or not you’d like lunch (on the booking form) but there’s no need to pay until the day.

  21. Beth Marshall says:

    Please do think about joining CWT, the two 70 year old here, love going on some of their events, you thoroughly enjoy yourself and see things that you would ordinarily miss.

  22. Beth Marshall says:

    Throughout the UK the NT is also celebrating this centenary in various properties. Could visiting such a property be counted as an activity to increase knowledge ?

    • Gill Druce says:

      Mawnan WI will be visiting three National Trust properties in Cornwall this year to see their Women and Power exhibitions and we certainly take the view that these are educational trips!

  23. Beth Marshall says:

    Great idea. Is CFWI holding an event at Chy Noweth ?

  24. Nina Vague says:

    Hello there!
    I live in Gulval Penzance, not far from Land’s End, and would be delighted to accommodate Natalia if she is heading this way! It would be wonderful to help such a brave lady raise funds and awareness, after the loss of her beloved little girl.
    Please put my name forward if I can help, or let me know who to contact. I will also talk to my own Gulval WI.
    Good luck and sincere best wishes

  25. Marie Bailey says:

    crocheting soft toys either for LittleHarbour. Or to raffle to raise funds. These little one and families need the loving support provided by the hospice and we should support them however we can.

  26. Caroline Toland says:

    I have a WI book of recipes which includes several Ayshe to make the best Cornish pasty, unfortunately some of the ladies who wrote those recipes are nolonger with us.
    You are more than welcome to have a look.
    Kind regards

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      Thanks, Caroline! Perhaps you could get in touch with the contact details listed in the post to see if they’re interested?

  27. Jean Hoare says:

    A big Thank you from Pensilva W .I to you both for a lovely informative evening.We can’t wait to try some of your recipes.

  28. Sandy Adcock says:

    My friend Judy and I had such a fun time on Friday. We can’t wait for the next session. It is lovely to be able to meet other WI ladies from groups that we wouldn’t get to visit due to the distance in travel, Cornwall being such a long county. We were made to feel so welcome and included in all that was going on.

    The food was lovely too, such hard work for you all.

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Sandy. You’re right – Cornwall’s shape doesn’t always make it easy for us to get together.

  29. Genie Krakowska-Smart says:

    Hello, Thank you for a really enjoyable event.
    Genie Krakowska-Smart

  30. Patrick Hobbs says:

    Hi Cal
    I saw your note in the visitor’s book at the hut up on the cliffs just south of Welcome mouth on 15th May. What an evil day for paddle boarding. The surfers at Welcome Mouth couldn’t believe what you are doing. I’m doing an End to End on foot. I’ll keep a look out for you. When you get to John o Groats remember Geoff runs the butty van on the quay side.
    All the best

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      Hi, Patrick. This isn’t Cal’s website, so if you want to get in touch or leave a message with her, I’d suggest going directly there (see link in above post). Thanks!

  31. Sue Dickenson says:

    Excellent news. Thanks to Kathy and all involved in organising the trip. Sue Dickenson President of Week St Mary Bonaventures.

  32. Elizabeth Marshall says:

    Great news. Lovely photos of Lynne Stubbs and Kathy. Thanks for posting

  33. Valerie Gill says:

    Thank you CFWI for the photo’s of the RCS and of the winners of the various cups and shields. All of the exhibits were again outstanding, Cornwall ladies are so talented. Personally, I thought the WI marque was looking wonderful again this year. I love the little tweaks you give it each year. So well done all of you. I miss being part of the team at CFWI, hopefully I will be back with you when my little dog is more able to be left at home for longer. Looking forward to 2019 now.

  34. Sally Smith says:

    A fabulous event! I was trying to telly about my blog but it thinks I am spam!

  35. Chris Southwell says:

    My husband and I would like to attend the show.

    We have searched this site But have one question

    Where is it?

  36. Gange says:

    Kennards House PL15 7EZ – I looked at the website too and found NOTHING just like yourselves.

  37. Kathy Reed says:

    I am sure you all had a wonderful time meeting your Royal visitors.

  38. Stephanie Notley says:

    I would be interested in having a pen pal either by letter or email. I’m a member of Launceston WI who currently have 24 members. We meet in the afternoon for lunch then have our meeting afterwards.
    At 62 I have just retired from a District Nurses post. How I had time to work I’ll never know! My hobbies are our pets….a dog and three guineapigs, Motorhoming, visiting National Trust and English Heritage properties, going to the cinema, knitting, beginners patchwork and baking.

  39. wendy mcdonald says:

    hello … i do not do facebook. how can i find out was ‘Make it’ sessions are on?
    thank you

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      Perhaps you could try contacting Helston Museum? They may have some information for you. 01326 564027

  40. Janis Lea says:

    Would like to say hello to Jackie, good to see that she’s enjoying WI. We met on a cruise earlier this year and she organized a few get togethers for WI members on board. Both Sylvia and I send her out best wishes. Janis Lea Pendeen WI.

  41. Beth Marshall says:

    Hearty Congratulations Edna, thoroughly deserved .

  42. Susan Dickenson says:

    Well Done Cynthia. Congratulations from Week St Mary Women’s Institute. Sue Dickenson.

  43. Linda Dickie says:

    Mary Wright lives in the Launceston area around North Petherwin. Still a member no doubt. Recently seen on a ‘Coast’ episode talking about guernseys.

  44. Valerie Gill says:

    St Dominick WI congratulate you on your 70 years as a WI. May you have many more happy and interesting meetings. t

  45. J Dodson says:

    Will we be able to red their reports? This will be helpful for attracting people to be press officers and for those already serving it would give inspiration and ideas.

    Thank you

  46. Jean Furze says:

    Congratulations Sandy. You are a very efficient secretary.and I am pleased that Cornwall WI have rewarded you. Jean.

  47. Susan Dickenson says:

    Stunning view and a delightful group of ladies.
    Keep Walking!

  48. Sylvia Ronan says:

    Looks interesting – lots to do for the Winter Months

  49. Margaret Morris says:

    Why don’t we have a WI trip to Scilly?

  50. Mrs Jean Hoare says:

    It was a lovely day.I especially enjoyed hearing about and seeing the Saltash Tapestry .Thank you to all.

  51. Beth Marshall says:

    Have just spent all day , and certainly not my first day, lino cutting and printing my design on to fabric with Louise … couldn’t agree more … yes she is great

  52. Kathryn Gough says:

    How lovely. Made me feel all warm and cosy. My grandma made the best meat and potato pie 😊

  53. Sue Smith says:

    How wonderful Judith. Brought a lump to my throat!

  54. Sandra Buck says:

    Congratulations everyone.

  55. Sylvia Ronan says:

    Well done Ladies – Enjoy. How lucky we are to be so well represented by Helen and Julia from Crowlas and Ludgvan WI. Thank you all for your work and dedication.

  56. Jean Furze says:

    What interesting resolutions! I shall find it difficult to choose ONE!

  57. Diana Coate-Bond says:

    On behalf of Penpol & Point WI, we would like to thank everyone involved in organising Bollywood. The food was excellent and the entertainment was great fun.

  58. Fiona Tate says:

    I would love the resource pack to help the hedgehogs for our primary school in Gwinear but the website won’t allow me to put in the school postcode..please help.
    Kind regards Fiona Tate

  59. Ann Willetts says:

    Yes would like to have a pen pal with a member of the Cornwall Federation interest are Flora Art , Gardening , Reading ! Glass of wine or two 🤣 Fun and laughter!

  60. Sylvia Ronan says:

    Thanks for the information. Will listen with interest, thanks Maggie

  61. Sylvia Ronan says:

    Congratulations – thanks for sharing the lovely photo – glorious tablecloth. Don’t make ‘eem like that no more!

  62. Sheila Dolan says:

    Hi I live in Chillsworthy beam and I am interested in joining your group

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      Thank you, Sheila! We’d love to have you join us! I will forward your message to the appropriate bodies and someone will be back in touch with you soon!

  63. Valerie Gill says:

    Thank you for your Christmas wishes. I wish you all at CFWI a wonderful festive season. Have a good rest you all deserve it. You are all appreciated by your members.

  64. ERNA R says:

    Fascinating, very nice sharing.

  65. Sylvia says:

    Looking forward to the event. Cheers X

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  68. Sylvia Ronan says:

    As I was planning on organising a Clean-up Operation in Ludgvan Parish, I would be grateful for any information or packs to help me make a start. Looking forward to receiving some guidance from you. Thanks Best Wishes Sylvia R

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      I will pass your comment onto Julia Havard. Thanks for getting in touch and for planning a litter pick!

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  70. Sylvia says:

    Thank you ladies for such a lovely Lunch at Chy Noweth as the ‘Kick-off’ to the WI Centenary Celebrations – looking forward to all the other events you have organised for the year. The Cake Fest sounds like something out of this world for all us non-bakers but good tasters! Can’t wait to see some of the creations. Thank you.

  71. Sandra Buck says:

    Always a good day

  72. Valerie Gill says:

    Please note that it is not MOTHERS DAY that is American.
    We Brits call it MOTHERING SUNDAY

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      We agree with you completely, Valerie! However, that is the wording NFWI has used on their poster. Perhaps you ought to let them know what you think!

  73. Sylvia says:

    Thank you for this information – as we are intending to ‘do’ a beach clean this year, I have found this most helpful and would be grateful if we could register for an event. Is it necessary, at this talking stage to supply you with a date or could you please let me have posters and necessary forms through the post, so that I can show them to our members not connected to these inter-galactic devises. Many thanks.
    Postal Address being:- Trebant, Ludgvan Churchtown, Penzance. TR20 8HH. Look forward to hearing from you Sylvia Ronan

  74. Sylvia Ronan says:

    So pleased that partners are welcome for this event – please may I register for Graham and I.

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      Of course, Sylvia! But, as always, you will need to book through your WI Secretary. If that fails, please contact the Office on (01872) 272843 (Mon-Thurs). Get your dancing shoes on!

  75. Mary Quinney says:

    What an inspiring and thought provoking afternoon. Each speaker had something that made us stop and think!

    Well organised Pippa thanks to you and all who made the afternoon successful.
    Oh, and the lovely cream tea.

  76. Sylvia says:

    Brilliant Xxx Many Thanks – love all the WI News

  77. Iola Cotterill says:

    How many WIs in Cornwall own their own hall? Are there separate rules applying to ? ownership and management to aid such WIs? Who makes decisions regarding improvements to the hall?

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      That’s a very complex question, Iola! Do you think you could contact the office for more information?

  78. Pippa Stilwell says:

    Looks like a brillliant event! Well done, Fowey WI

  79. Pat Paxton says:

    That is a fantastic achievement. You obviously had a great time doing it. Well done Fowey!

  80. Pat Paxton says:

    I would have loved to have seen a picture of the table full of bunnies, penguins and chicks etc.!

  81. Sylvia says:

    Hope this is the right place to say please can I book a seat on the coach from Crowlas to St Issey on 3rd May for The Chairman’s Coffee Morning?
    I never know who is reading ‘wot’ with these magic machines!

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      Hi, Sylvia. Helen here. No, you need to do all booking through the office. They’ll be open again on Monday. 🙂

  82. Jeff Paulett says:

    The Belmond British Pullman is such a beautiful train and each carriage has such an interesting and individual history. I travelled on it numerous times, and the service and the cuisine on board is absolutely superb, it’s always a treat.

  83. Jan Gosling says:

    St Buryan WI may be interested. Our April meeting is tomorrow the 12th and I will know more then. Do you have seats available on the coach?

    Tel 01736 810652

  84. Susan Clift says:

    Sandy and I had a lovely day. And we were very happy with our special box Thanks Susan Clift Cusgarne and Frogpool WI

  85. Theresa Atherton says:

    Hello, I have been asked by a number of ladies about walking netball. We all played netball for Newquay for a long time but then retired from the game as we got older. We think this would suit us down to the ground. Can you give me any info on where you play and when.
    Thank you Theresa

  86. Susan Clift says:

    We had a great day and I have wonderful lady’s in Cusgarne and Frogpol Wl Susan Clift President

  87. Jill Hetherington says:

    It was a great day- I loved printing cards and making the pin cushion. Thank you Mawnan WI for making us so welcome!

  88. Rita Mead says:

    I attended these sessions and had a fabulous time… I learnt new skills and met some lovely new “friends”.
    Thank you so much for running this wonderful day.

    Rita x

  89. Sue Hutchings says:

    Well done everyone.

  90. Sandra Buck says:

    It was delicious and a lovely surprise.

  91. Nicky Shaw says:

    Hi Georgia. So lovely to hear about the rescue centre, we are in the right place here as we have two Alpaca centres close by and near Mappleborough Green one can walk them. Haven’t done it yet, but hope to. We had a talk from one lady in the past about them from another centre. I love how they make gentle noises so endearing. Hope you are well xxx

  92. Sandra Annear says:

    Well done Ladies, Cornwall has so much talent, and so many skills.Now girls you’ll have to start planning for next year.

  93. pamela selley says:

    Brilliant day and thank you to all the helpers especially in the catering department. Not looking forward to the weather forecast for tomorrow.
    Pam Selley RCS Co-Ordinator

  94. Beaches & Cream Newquay WI says:

    Well done Margaret! What a great achievement 🦋

  95. Yolande Hocking says:

    Shouldn’t the date be Sunday 7th July??

  96. Pippa Stilwell says:

    Well done Mary, and everyone who went on the lobby. And well done for signing up as a Climate Ambassador – we need you!

  97. can we tell you about Saint piran cycling

  98. Sue Dickenson says:

    Thankyou for letting us know and look forward to seeing you there.
    Sue Dickenson
    Week St Mary Bonaventures

  99. Valerie Gill says:

    how interesting.. I had no idea this was in Launceston. Must have a visit for my WI.

  100. Valerie Gill says:

    well done Trevenna/Tintagel… I recognise some faces. I miss you all up there in the windy north. x

  101. Patricia Paxton says:

    What an inspiring celebration of our Centenary! It was wonderful to see all the banners together and didn’t they look colourful! I thought the service was beautifully planned and it went off so well. Lovely to see so many friends from other WI’s and especially the group from our newest W.I. Sea girls!

    Pat Paxton

  102. Margaret Johnson says:

    Brilliant – pleased we have joined so many others
    Offering this service.

  103. Susan Edwards says:

    Well done Fran, and thankyou on behalf of all who are touched by cancer, the fight goes on.
    Macmillan nurses were a great help and comfort to my sister in law and the family throughout her battle with cancer, helping to make her last days a little more bearable and peaceful.

  104. Margaret Stockton says:

    Wow! Well done.

  105. Pam Selley says:

    Brilliant day thank you to all concerned

  106. Susan Dickenson says:

    Congratulations to Margaret and all the team from Week St Mary Bonaventures.

  107. Christine Smith says:

    Well done to all those who have made those beautiful poppies! I look forward to the pictures, and am proud that some of them I made.

  108. Sandy Adcock says:

    Congratulations to everyone from Cusgarne and Frogpool. What a great team you make.

  109. Anne Jayne says:

    Congratulations Margaret. Enjoy

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  112. Penny O'Neill says:

    Re Tate St Ives Local Pass
    Can you please tell me how long this special deal is valid for. Thanks. Penny

  113. pamela selley says:

    Welcome Sandy its great to have you aboard. Enjoy Denman tomorrow
    Best wishes Pam

  114. Margaret Johnson says:

    Congratulations Constantine – a worthy winner.

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  116. Mary Lindsey says:

    Liked the silk scarves and would like to run a similar workshop for Truro WI. Do you have contact details for Carol and Michael Watkins please?

  117. Jean Hoare says:

    A big thankyou to Pat and Alison for great evening. Lots of new recipe ideas and yummy tastings.From Pensilva W.I

  118. Sylvia Ronan says:

    Thanks so much for all the WI posts – I thoroughly enjoy reading them each day. Lovely to see what the other ladies are up to.
    Truly inspirational. Thank You.

    Yes please, we have discussed the Allsop Cup at C&L and in a panic, because I wasn’t sure of the closing dates – I sent a ‘personal’ cheque to cover the entry fee.
    A number of us came to Operation Hedgehog and others at C&L are very interested.
    All best wishes Xxx

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      Sylvia, you will need to contact the office if you’re looking to confirm receipt of your cheque. Best of luck to your members with their Allsop Cup entry!

  119. Sylvia Ronan says:

    Thank You – have a good break after all the hard work and fun you have arranged for us throughout this Centenary Year. All the very best for 2020 Xxx

  120. Kathy Reed says:

    What a super idea and a great exhibition.

  121. Christina Carroll says:

    Hi i am interested. Are there places left?

  122. Sylvia Ronan says:

    Loved this picture because I think the Baby Photo Number 14 is me!
    Happy New Year everyone.
    And … no I’m not from Cornwall – my photo was taken in Birmingham ! Maybe 1944 -5

  123. Margaret Johnson says:

    Very well done ladies, looks wonderful.

  124. Alison Gamble says:

    What a lovely idea. Well done 👍

  125. Sophie says:

    The NFWI Public AFfairs digest is loaded with useful information, the events that are being planned about various issues. The method of subscribing is so easy. Thank you!

  126. sylvia Ronan says:

    That looks like the beginnings of rather a lovely piece of work. What patience to have cut out each of the ‘Parishes’? Hope you can find out about it Xxx

  127. Sylvia Ronan says:

    What a lovely idea, reminding everyone about the deadlines. Thank You

  128. J Rollinson says:

    We are very disappointed, not to have had any information at all from West Yorkshire WI

    As a group quite a lot of our members are 70+ also some with underlying medical conditions

    What do we do?

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      Hello. This is the website for the Cornwall Federation, so I’m afraid we have nothing to do with the West Yorkshire Federationl For more information, I would suggest you contact your own Federation on 0113 255 0810.

  129. Margaret Johnson says:

    Lovely effect Celia, I will give it a try.

  130. Sylvia Ronan says:

    Thank You Ladies, stay happy and safe Xxx

  131. margaret hosking says:

    Happy Easter to you all 🙂

    Margaret Hosking, Elaine Thomas, Beryl James, Jo Heather & Kath Elkin

    Connor Downs & Gwithian WI

  132. Jan Cater says:

    To Press Secretary,
    I have sent two reports to enter St.Columb Minor WI press Secretary Jan Cater into the Press Competition.
    Do hope you will receive them.

  133. Pam Selley says:

    Well done Sea Girls we WI ladies are certainly inspirational.

  134. Sylvia Ronan says:

    Thank You so much
    All the very best
    Stay Happy and Safe Xxx

  135. Lane and District WI says:

    Well found – lovely banner.

  136. Sylvia Ronan says:

    Thanks for the RCShow information from Radio Cornwall ~ Already missing the show. This is the first year since the early seventies that I haven’t exhibited something, somewhere at The Show! Hey ho
    Stau Happy and Safe Everyone ~ See you there next year.
    Any news on the Winter Show yet?

  137. I listened with interest to Pam Selley’s interview about the WI year. Well done Pam
    This morning I enjoyed listening to the opening by Princess Alexandra, such a pity to have missed her visit this year.
    Also George Eustace MP and Philip Davey Dairy farmer competitor were sharing their many interesting memories of past Shows .

  138. SusanDickenson says:

    Thanks for such an excellent article highlighting the most important issues on this outrageous event and also the need for our organisation to embrace these principles and for us to encourage a more diverse membership in what we offer, do and say.
    Education is so important for all age groups.
    One again many thanks
    Sue Dickenson
    Week St Mary Bonaventures.

  139. A. Lenten says:

    ALL lives do matter.
    Mr. Floyd’s family have asked for people to desist from the violence but have been ignored by the Anarchists intent on exploiting the situation by looting and murdering innocent people.

  140. sylvia Ronan says:

    Thank You ~ Great to see what everyone else has been up to Xxx
    Stay safe and happy everyone Xxx

  141. Yvonne Toms says:

    Always amazes me how much you can get into a spoon. Well done.

  142. Margaret Johnson says:

    Love your latest posts particularly your Father’s Day event, what a great idea- congratulations, well done.

  143. Rosemary Ann Munford says:

    It’s good to see contact which to many means support of WI memebers. I must say our secretary Pat Richards at Fowey WI has been great! Pat sends motivating emails which are printed and delivered for non techno members. There is always a fun quip with any news she feels would interest us. Well done Pat.

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      That’s lovely to hear, Rosemary! Please pass our congratulations to Pat for doing such a great job!

  144. Ann Munford says:

    Such a shame that there will no be a huge amount of plastic beer glasses on our streets!!!

  145. Bernadette Sluggett says:

    I am very concerned reading yesterday’s Daily Mail stating the Trustees of Denman college Oxfordshire plan to sell the WI’s educational home.
    Several County WI’s suggest selling their multi million £ offices in London, not purchased many years ago and relocate everything at Denman.
    It’s such a pity we are not in normal circumstances to meet and discuss the Grenville groups opinion. Would it be an idea to try and let Members know the situation. Personally I feel the Trustees should be prevented from any decision until all groups are functioning again even if it’s some time ahead. Hoping all keep safe.

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      Hello, Bernadette:

      Unfortunately, this matter is an NFWI concern, not something the Cornwall Federation has any influence with. However, there were some documents sent by NFWI – including some pretty comprehensive FAQs – which clearly address your query about relocating to Denman. I’m afraid that is not a viable option. Did your WI cascade the NFWI documents to you? If you do have further questions, I would suggest you contact NFWI.

  146. Pam Selley says:

    It was great to meet up with my fellow trustees again.

  147. Sylvia Ronan says:

    So, then what happens when these buildings have been reported?

  148. Sylvia Ronan says:

    Wonderful News ~ Thank You, see you there Xxx

  149. Pam Selley says:

    Well done ladies

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  151. Sandy Adcock says:

    Well done and thanks to Janet for sharing her photos. Now we have a record of Sarah’s talk, not that we are likely to forget it in a hurry! She was delightful.
    The videos of the sub-committee members will help greatly with my report.
    Well done Helen for the montage.

    Thanks all.

    From Sandy Adcock

  152. Phil Young says:

    Please can this be published somewhere other than on face book and the website. I need it in a printable version so I can send it to my members who are not on line.

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      I’m not sure what you mean by ‘printable’. Videos cannot be printable. Can they? As for the text, you can copy and paste into a Word document and then print it for your members.

  153. Pam Selley says:

    Welcome to our new Trustees, I look forward to working with you.

  154. Doc Carter says:

    Just want to said so sorry to hear of your passing, I will remember the time when you where in Washington, D.C. Rest In Peace 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  155. Margaret Johnson says:

    Sue, you deserve a medal

  156. Sandra Buck says:

    You’re a star Sue.x

  157. Penny Picton says:

    Thanks Sue you are a star.!! xx

  158. Pam selley says:

    Well done Sue x

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  160. Ann Munford says:

    Painting with coffee is clever! I’ve often thought with this Lockdown I would like to paint ….. but where to get the kit?? Well I have printing paper and there always a jar of coffee in the kitchen.

  161. Liz Baker says:

    Thank you Sue, from Trevone WI

  162. Congratulations Hayle WI.
    Keeping our groups interested, connected and involved has been a challenge since March. However it is well worth the effort and leap into using technology. Zoom has been a wonderful way to pull all these pieces together.
    Best wishes from Boscastle WI

  163. Gillian Schultz says:

    Congratulations Marhamchurch WI. What a beautiful visual account of your activities during a challenging year.

  164. Gillian Schultz says:

    Really terrific – well done Marhamchurch members.

  165. Gillian Schultz says:

    Well done Karrie. Your window is lovely.

  166. Sandra Nicholson says:

    We haven’t had a committee meeting for over a year. In the current COVID situation with some meeting venues still closed how are we expected to make decisions over this matter let alone relay it to our members. I would add that not many members are Zoom or computer happy!

    • Cornwall Federation of WIs says:

      Hello, Sandra. You can make decisions using email or – if your committee members don’t use computers – over the telephone. As long as you record any decisions you make, just as you would at a face-to-face committee meeting, you will be fine. If you tell us which WI you’re a member of, I can ask your WI Adviser to get in touch to give you some guidance and help.

  167. Jane Bennett says:

    Hi Sue, I have knitted a couple of Teddys for Tragedies but not sure where to send them.
    I would be most grateful if you could supply me with an address.
    Thank you Jane Bennett. Camborne.

  168. Julie Devine says:

    How lovely, I’d certainly like to order autumn bulbs. Can we pay by BACS (I no longer have a cheque book)?

  169. Rosemary Munford says:

    You’ve said just the right thing … thank you!

  170. Gillian Schultz says:

    I’d like to join the walks please. How do we register?

  171. Penny Picton says:

    Well done Sheila a very interesting piece.

  172. Rosemary Munford says:

    A HAPPY EASTER to you all at Chynoweth and to all our Cornish members. It’s been a difficult time but Fun is on the horizon!

  173. Sandra Nicholson says:

    Well done Barbara and Wendy, great effort. I am sure Wilcove and Torpoint will be very pleased.

  174. Joan Tall says:

    Well done to both W.I’s especially this year when news has been a little sparse.

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  176. Mrs Pamela Kite says:

    Very pretty display. Well done ladies.

  177. Rosemary Munford says:

    How lovely, good mental as well as physical exercise Well done!

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  179. Pingback: Book Review – Back to Nature: How to Love Life – and Save It | Cornwall Federation of Women's Institutes

  180. Rosemary Munford says:

    All the best to BARBARA and thank you for seeing us all through a difficult time.
    Hello Emma let’s hope we meet you real soon and all the best to you.

  181. Gillian Schultz says:

    A big welcome to Emma. We look forward to meeting you perhaps in Boscastle.

    Thank you Barbara for all you have done.

    Best wishes
    Gillian Schultz
    Boscastle WI Secretary

  182. Ann Munford says:

    I love Bluebell walks and did this very one a couple of years ago. Wonderful and well done!

  183. Rita Mead says:

    Are we entitled to a free ticket for one delegate to attend per WI? I haven’t received any details this year on how to apply.

    Please can you let me know as soon as possible.

    Kind regards

    Rita Mead, Secretary Helston WI 07917 733335

  184. Yvonne Toms says:

    Glad it was such a nice day and meeting went well. Sorry not to be with you.

  185. Susan Thomas says:

    Thank you St Just in Roseland’s copies arrived today.
    Susan Thomas, Sec

  186. Sylvia Ronan says:

    Oh My Goodness me! Social Distancing and Masks, well I never!

  187. Margaret Stockton says:

    Brilliant! The Woodland Kitchen did us proud. Must check out the butterfly farm soon. Lovely to see you all.

  188. Gillian Schultz says:

    Congratulations Constantine. It looks like you had a wonderful time together after so long and weathered the storm well.
    Here’s to regular in-person meetings from now on.
    Gillian Schultz, Secretary, Boscastle WI

  189. Gillian Schultz says:

    I’m so glad I joined this walk. It was really well organised and Pat was a terrific, interesting guide. That the weather was so perfect, was the icing on the cake. Thank you all.

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  191. Joan Yall says:

    I really enjoyed the walk, the weather was perfect,the company delightful and Pat was a an excellent guide. How thrilling to find the Barrow too. All in all a superb walk and one that I would never have done on my own .

  192. Pingback: Cornwall Federation of Women's Institutes

  193. Pam Selley says:

    Congratulations Constantine you are truly inspirational

  194. Sue Adams says:

    I would like to thank you for my lovely heart shaped cushion. I was given it when I had surgery at St Michael’s hospital. It’s not left my side. It’s so comfortable under my arm following my operation.
    Thank you so much

  195. Janice Brien says:

    I would love to thank you all for my heart cushion after breast surgery at st Michael’s.
    I had to travel all the way back to Tywardreth and dont know what I would have done without it. It cushioned my boob lovely where the seat belt went over.
    So many thanks again ladies for your kindness.

  196. Pippa Stilwell says:

    Lovely to see Sheila’s Cornishman articles on the blog – and thanks Sheila for publicising the Great Big Green Week.