Press Competition 2020

We know this year has been challenging on many levels. Some WIs will have had very few meetings from which to choose entries for the Press Competition.

All over the county, WIs have been thinking creatively and producing other ways to keep their members informed and amused during lockdown.

In light of this, it has been decided to extend the Press Competition deadline to 31 December and, rather than have Press reports only, we will include newsletters which have been written and sent out to members by individual WIs.

The Boslowick Cup entry form may be used if you are entering with newsletters. If you start to meet later in the year, reports can be entered as usual. Two press reports or newsletters may be sent to the Federation Secretary, preferably by email or post to Chy Noweth.

We hope this will give more scope for Press Officers and those WIs who have been active by keeping in contact with their members with information, news, quizzes and competitions.

Deadline: Thursday 31 December 2020

Further Information: Jane Dover