Competitions Policy

In addition to the regular events and outings arranged by sub-committees, competitions are also arranged by sub-committees and the Board of Trustees for participation by members of the Cornwall Federation of Women’s Institutes (CFWI) throughout the year.  Competitions provide an opportunity to learn and gain confidence from entering and taking part.

General guidance for running competitions is provided in the NFWI publication On With The Show.  This CFWI policy does not replace the guidance provided in that publication, but clarifies local guidelines.

Members of the Board of Trustees are not permitted to enter any competitions run by CFWI.

Competitions may be entered by all other WI members of CFWI except members of the sub-committee running the competition.

The Board of Trustees and sub-committee members running the competition would have an unfair advantage by having a knowledge of the judging arrangements for the competition which would otherwise not be available to other participants and lay themselves and CFWI open to criticism.

Entries submitted by a member prior to her appointment to the Board of Trustees or a sub-committee running the competition, but judged by an independent judge, will be considered eligible.

Reviewed January 2021