Running Your WI

The WI has put in place a lot of guidance for members to help them make sure their WIs are running smoothly.

Register for MyWI – you’ll find a wealth of information there.

For info on subscriptions, please click here to go to our Subscriptions page.

Following are some links you may find useful:

The WI Handbook
The WI Constitution
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
WI Social Media Guide
NFWI Charter
NFWI Code of Conduct
MCS (Membership Communication System)
New WI Member Details Capture Form

If there’s something you can’t find, or if you need more clarification or help, get in touch with your WI Adviser. Her details are in the CFWI Year Book.

Your team of WI Advisers holds regular training sessions for WI members. If there is something you think we should be covering, please let us know.