Environment & Public Affairs Sub-committee

The Environment and Public Affairs Sub-committee (E&PA) gets involved in all sorts of issues involving the world we live in – including sustainability, conservation, agriculture, fisheries, etc. This sub-committee also arranges talks, workshops, days out and demos, including guided farm and town walks, and helps us learn more about environmental issues.

E&PA works in partnership with other organisations, including The Eden Project, Clean Cornwall, the Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition and Cornwall Wildlife Trust

E&PA also helps to promote in Cornwall the national campaigns that the NFWI develops following the annual members’ vote on resolutions, and encourages local WIs to get involved.

The WI Climate Ambassadors in Cornwall are affiliated to E&PA. The Climate Ambassador scheme aims to support members who are passionate about the climate and would like to take community action on environmental matters.

Sub-Committee Members:
Jude Wood (Chairman)
Mary Lindsey (Secretary)
Anne Fenwick
Julia Havard
Felicity Penneycard
Pippa Stilwell

Board Liaison:
Liz Baker