Event Application Forms

Following are application forms for all CFWI events currently on offer. You may still choose to book through your WI Secretary, but feel free to download applications here and apply directly to CFWI if you’d rather.

If you have missed the closing date of the event you are interested in, it is still always worth contacting the CFWI Office in case spaces are still available – (01872) 272843

Blaikley Salver Poetry Competition (Closing Date: 4 July 2022)

Clarks Village Shopping Trip (Closing Date: 31 August 2022)

Craft Taster Day/Marazion (Closing Date: 22 September 2022)

Craft Taster Day/Marshgate (Closing Date: 11 October 2022)

Craft Taster Day/St Erme (Closing Date: 26 September 2022)

Creatively Green (Closing Date: 25 August 2022)

Floral Feast at St Dominick’s Church (Closing Date: 6 June 2022)

Heavenly Harvest/St Columba (Closing Date: 4 August 2022)

It’s Quiz Time! (Closing Date: 22 September 2022)

Mount Edgcumbe Walk (Closing Date: 4 August 2022)

Nordic Walking Taster Day (Closing Date: 8 September 2022)

Platinum Jubilee Garden Party Ticket Ordering Form

Platinum Jubilee Garden Party Stall Hire Form

Press Competitions Application Forms: Boslowick Cup and Whitecross Cup (Closing Date: 28 July 2022)

Prideaux Place Tour (Closing Date: 10 August 2022)

Programme Competition (Closing Date: 30 June 2022)

Sew a Mixed Media Picture (Closing Date: 1 September 2022)

Singing Is Fun! (Closing Date: 6 October 2022)

Sunset Photography Workshop (Closing Date: 23 June 2022)

Take a Town: Hayle (Closing Date: 1 August 2022)

Tea Towel Design Competition (Closing Date: 27 October)

Trip to Dartmouth and River Dart Cruise (Closing Date: 26 July 2022)

Generic Event Application Form