WI Advisers

WI Advisers Liz Anderson and Kathy Reed

The Membership Support Sub-committee, made up of WI Advisers, plus a few helpers and trainees, is responsible to further the work of the WI in Cornwall. This is achieved by working with WIs, offering friendship, guidance and support as required. Training sessions are organised for WI officers and committee members from time to time. Encouraging women to become members and promoting the WI generally are important parts of their work.

WI Advisers
Yvonne Toms (Chairman)
Liz Anderson (Vice Chairman)
Barbara Corbett (Secretary)
Helen Kestle
Jane Mills
Kathy Reed
WI Adviser Helpers
Mary Thompson
Avril Woolcock
Board Liaison
Mary Thompson (Vice Chairman)
Check the CFWI Year Book to see which WI Adviser is attached to your WI.