Competitions – Process for Advising Winners

The following guidance should be followed to ensure all competition results are notified to participants and released for wider distribution following the same timetable.

  1. When the competition has been judged, the organiser notifies the Federation Secretary. Where applicable, a copy of the judge’s comments should be provided for release of the results.
  2. The Federation Secretary will write on behalf of the Board of Trustees to the winner and, where applicable, the second and third placed entrants. The letter should include the result of their respective entry, judge’s comments specific to their entry and general comments for all entries where these are available.
  3. The Federation Secretary will also write to all other entrants thanking them for their participation and include the judge’s general comments where available.
  4. When the competition winners have been advised by the Federation Secretary, the results will be made available to post on CFWI’s social media.
  5. Winners will be invited to attend the Annual Council Meeting (ACM) to collect their award. Second and third place entries will be invited to receive a certificate.
  6. Winning entries will be displayed at the ACM or Spring Countdown depending on the time of the year the competition has been judged.

Blaikley Salver Poetry Competition

The winner of the Blaikley Salver Poetry competition will be invited to read her winning entry at the ACM, and her permission obtained to reproduce the poem for circulation to all WIs following the ACM.

Federation Calendar

All members who have a photograph included in the Federation calendar will receive a complimentary calendar that includes their winning entry.

WMN Rosebowl Quiz

This award is presented to the winning team on the day of the Quiz, but then returned to Chy Noweth to be presented officially at the ACM.

This format applies to all competitions organised by sub-committees and the Board of Trustees.