Refunds Policy

The decision to proceed with an outing, event or function organised by CFWI is based on a budget assessment that takes into consideration all costs associated with making an event successful, safe and financially viable. This typically requires a minimum number of individuals to apply and pay for an event in advance.

In consideration of these factors, requests for refunds will not be considered after the closing date for an event unless:

i. CFWI have not made a financial commitment to the event being arranged for which a refund is requested.


ii. CFWI hold a “Reserve list” from which a replacement has been identified and has paid for the event.

Requests for refunds for Travel and County Lunches will not normally be considered unless there are extenuating circumstances and will be subject to a 10% administration charge.

All requests in the first instance should be made in writing to CFWI with the reason for the request and submitted to the Board of Trustees for consideration and whose decision is final. The individual originally holding the ticket which states ‘Transferable But Non-Refundable’ should first make all reasonable efforts to find a replacement.

Revised November 2019