Save Our Loos Resolution

UPDATE: Public toilets run by the unitary council and their outcomes.

toilet-resolutionWith a resounding ‘yes’ vote at the 2015 Spring Countdown for the resolution against the closure of council owned public toilets, the question is: Where do we go from here?

This is your resolution and all WIs across the county are encouraged to decide how they wish to do their bit in supporting the resolution. After all, Barbara Corbett has promised to keep Laurence Reed on BBC Radio Cornwall informed of our progress and who better to have on our side than BBC Radio Cornwall who will keep the public up to date on our progress?

So what can we do to support the resolution?

Some public toilets have already been devolved to Town and Parish Councils and many have closed, so let’s see if we can stop any more falling victim to closure or further risk of closure.

Why not send a letter to your MP encouraging him/her to take action?

Although Cornwall Council has voted that funding public conveniences ceases effective 1st April 2016, they are seeking creative ideas to keep toilets open. For example, are you aware of the Community Toilet Scheme?

Do you know of a local business you could adopt and encourage to participate in the scheme; after all, bottoms on seats brings potential for additional business to those participating!

Do new building complexes near you include plans for public conveniences?

A collaboration between the Parish Council, Wainhomes, a local landowner and a builder resulted in a new set of public toilets in Charlestown, so there are creative ways of providing public loos.

If you have any constructive ideas, then why not let Cornwall Council know and let CFWI know of what action you are taking so we can share with others.

Meanwhile, CFWI will be working on further ideas for you to take forward in due course, but please don’t wait – act now. 

Here are some links to the relevant pages of the Cornwall Council website you may find interesting:

Community Toilet Scheme

Link for list of public toilets included in the tendering process for Cornwall Council’s “Your Convenience” programme

If you’d like to write to your local MP about the loo closures, you can click here for a sample letter.

You might also be interested in reading the research Sue Croshaw (Pengegon WI) has done on the subject.

Read the lastest update from CFWI (November 2015) here.