Travel Policy

The purpose of this policy is to set out the procedures that should be followed when making travel arrangements and claiming for expenses that have been incurred in connection with business by and on behalf of CFWI.


  • To set out the CFWI’s policy relating to business travel and expenses and clearly state the types of expenditure that can and cannot be reimbursed.
  • To ensure reasonable standards of service, comfort, convenience and safety for those who need to travel on CFWI business whilst achieving best value for money.
  • To define the process for claiming necessary expenses.


This policy applies to:

  • Members of the Board of Trustees
  • Members of sub-committees
  • Employees of CFWI
  • WI Members


The cost of all travel should be approved by the budget holder before any journey is undertaken.

Where it is essential to make several trips when planning an event, mileage may be claimed at 32p per mile.  Expected mileage costs should be built into the budget estimate calculations.


The cost of travel should be considered when deciding on the mode of travel; e.g. public transportation or personal vehicle.  The lowest cost option will be reimbursed.

Car sharing should be considered wherever possible though claiming  an allowance for additional passengers is not permitted.

Expense Type CFWI Policy
Mileage – in county

(Correct rate as at time of publication)


Effective 1 January 2018, mileage rate is 32p per mile for travel within county.

Mileage rate for travel to agricultural shows and events, the Spring Countdown and Annual Meeting is at the reduced rate of 18p per mile. This lower rate is set as the cost of entry to such events is usually at no cost to the person claiming

Mileage should be claimed for the most direct route only

Mileage may be claimed by committee members who are working for a minimum 4 hour period at a CFWI event, but associated entry fees are not reimbursable.  See SPECIFIC EVENTS paragraph below.

Committee and sub-committee members attending respective committee meetings may claim mileage at 32p per mile.

Where feasible, vehicle sharing is encouraged at all times to keep costs as low as possible.

Expense Type CFWI Policy
Mileage – beyond Cornwall county border

(Correct rate as at time of publication)

Actual fuel costs only are reimbursed for travel beyond the Cornwall county border.

To calculate actual fuel costs it is recommended that vehicles are refueled to capacity at the start and end of journey. Mileage from starting point to county border should be noted and the same for the return journey. Deducting in-county mileage from total mileage claimed will give the number of miles for which actual fuel costs should be claimed.

To calculate actual fuel costs, divide refueling costs at the end of journey = (a) by the total number of miles claimed = (b). The result = (c)

Out of county mileage should be claimed at rate (c)

See example below

Actual fuel costs of £40.00 / Total miles of 300 = £0.13 per mile. This is the mileage rate for out of county fuel costs in this example.

Expense Type CFWI Policy
Public transport Public transport is taken to include train, bus, taxi and (exceptionally) air travel.

The least expensive (standard) class of travel should be used at all times. The traveller should be encouraged to purchase rail tickets as far in advance as possible to benefit from lower prices.

Travel by taxi should be shared wherever possible to reduce costs.

Claims for travel by public transport must be accompanied by supporting and original receipts.

Membership of any rail, air or hotel loyalty programme must not influence the selection of booking agent, airline, rail operator etc.

Compensation for delays: CFWI does not compensate for travel delays. Train (and flight) operators usually compensate passengers for significant delays.

Expense Type CFWI Policy
Meals and accommodation If you are required to represent CFWI outside the county for a period that exceeds 24 hours, you may claim receipted expenditure up to a maximum of £30 per 24 hour period for meals and accommodation.

Reimbursement for hospitality provided by a relative or friend will cover receipted actual costs only.

Meal costs are not reimbursable when accommodation cost includes meals.

Expense Type CFWI Policy
Pooling of fares

(Correct rate as at time of publication)

A pool of money used to pay the travelling expenses by way of mileage of each delegate for travel to Spring Countdown and the Annual Meeting when bus transportation is not provided by CFWI. The mileage rate is reviewed annually in November. The current rate is 20p per mile.

Note: All expenses incurred must be defensible as reasonable, and stand-up to internal and external challenge.


Members of the Board of Trustees are occasionally required to pay the same charge as WI members and others participating in an event but may be entitled to claim back some, or part of their costs. For reasons of full transparency, full charges must first be paid to give a clear indication of gross receipts for the event and then a claim submitted for reimbursement of entitled costs.

Claims for reimbursement may be submitted as follows;

  • OUTINGS – the organiser of CFWI outings may claim 100% reimbursement of the amount they paid for their ticket. If more than one coach is required the additional steward(s) for the outing may claim 100% of their cost paid for the outing. These costs should be included in the original budget estimate.
  • COUNTY EVENTS – the organiser may claim 100% reimbursement of the amount paid for their ticket and actual travel costs or mileage at 32p per mile. Up to three additional members of the Board of Trustees identified to work at the event may claim 100% reimbursement of the amount paid for their ticket and actual travel costs or mileage at 32p per mile. These costs should be included in the original budget estimate.
  • RECCE VISITS – the organiser of an event may claim mileage associated with arranging an outing/event at the approved rate of 32p per mile conditional on these costs being included with the original budget estimate for an event/outing.


Reimbursement of out of pocket expenses may be claimed by completing the Expenses Claim Form, a copy of which is available on the CFWI website, or available from the Federation office by request.

All properly completed and authorised claims received by the Finance Office will be paid on the next payment day. Although there are no set payment days, there are typically two payment days per month.

Details of the bank account into which payment of claims is required by BACS should be provided to expedite payment. If bank account details are not held, reimbursement will be paid by cheque. All expense claims must be submitted within three months of the event(s) to which the claim refers and before the end of the calendar year for events held at the end of the year.