What Would You Like to Do?

We want your ideas!

What sort of events would you like the Federation to organise? Is there something you’re dying to try out but never have? Have we missed a trick? Is there something you’ve heard about in another Federation that you think we should be doing?

Please let us know!

There are so many ways you can get in touch with us and give us your ideas and suggestions:

  • Email the office at cfwi@btconnect.com
  • Write a letter to the office
  • Ring the office (Monday-Thursday) on 01872 272843
  • Pop an anonymous message into the virtual suggestion box on our website 
  • Send us a Tweet
  • Fill in the ‘Contact’ form on this website
  • Contact Federation Chairman Margaret Johnson or any of the other Trustees directly (see your CFWI Yearbook for full contact details)
  • Leave or send a message on our Facebook page
  • Comment right here on this post!

We’d love to hear your ideas!

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Video Highlights from the Cardiff Annual Meeting

Those of you who weren’t able to attend the NFWI Annual Meeting in Cardiff last month, might be interested in the following videos which show highlights of the meeting.

The first one includes the Chair’s address, the Treasurer’s statement and the NFWI coat of arms.


The second video is about our Mental Health Matters resolution.


And the final video includes the NFWI Chair’s remarks and the singing of Jerusalem.




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Super Fast Broadband Comes to Chy Noweth!

What you’re seeing here is the installation of brand spanking new broadband at Chy Noweth!

From now on, we’ll have super fast broadband which will make life infinitely easier and more productive for our staff (who, we should add, are already incredibly productive!).

Not only that, but we’ll able to run good training sessions without difficulty in the future!


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Take the ‘Big Lunch’ Survey and Win Prize!

If you hosted a Big Lunch this year, the folks at Big Lunch would really like to hear how it all went, your thoughts and feedback, and what’s next in your community. There are a few ways you can get in touch…

Take the survey – and win a trip to the Eden Project!

Our organiser survey takes around 10 minutes and there are some fun prizes for those who fill it in. The top prize is an overnight family trip to the Eden Project, including a meal in the Med Terrace restaurant and travel! There are also have lots of other prizes featuring Eden Project goodies.

You can take the survey here!

Share your story

If you have anecdotes you’d like to share, pictures you think we should see, or you’d like your Big Lunch to be part of future Big Lunch media or marketing activity (think maybe being on our website or featured in the press) you can contact Nicole Forster, Eden PR Officer on 02030 582426 or 07889 320857, or share your story at this link.

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Has Your WI Entered Our Press Competition?

If you haven’t yet entered your WI in our 2018 CFWI Press Competition, you have until 31st July to do so!

Have a look back over the last year and select your best reports to enter into the Press Competition.

The Boslowick Cup is awarded to the winner of those in their first year of office; the Whitecross Cup is for more experienced Press Officers to enter.

Reports of meeting published between 1st August 2017 and 31st July 2018 will be eligible.

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Val ‘Walks Tall’ to Raise Funds for Cancer Research

Val Bugden-Cawsey (right), with her best friend Joan Davey, pictured before the start of a fundraising event at the Launceston Medical Centre last weekend. Picture: Paul Hamlyn

Many of you will know Val Bugden-Cawsey, a member of St Stephen’s by Launceston WI. What you may not know is that Val has been diagnosed with an advanced and rare type of malignant melanoma. She has decided to focus her efforts on fundraising for a research project at Derriford Hospital — the Malignant Melanoma Research Fund.

Val says, “Raising funds for this specific and aggressive type of cancer has given me a huge positive focus at such a difficult time. Whilst it is absolutely certain that, for me, there is no going back from this, I want to do everything in my power to raise funds in the hope that in the future, others will be in a better position to face this cancer and win.”

Some of you may have seen Val on BBC Spotlight a few weeks ago, where she discussed her illness and told viewers that malignant melanoma is the fifth most common cancer in the UK, and that cases rose by nearly 50% in the South West between 2007 and 2015.

If you would like to help Val in her fundraising efforts, you can make a contribution through her JustGiving page.

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A Sunny Day at Mount Edgcumbe

Two coach-loads of WI members visited Mount Edgcumbe last week.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for our trip. Members enjoyed wandering around the house, strolling about the garden and exploring the park. Some had lunch at the Orangery while others enjoyed an ice cream in the Stable cafe.

What a lovely day!

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Let a Woman Speak …

Let a Woman Speak (LAWS) is a women’s organisation that is currently focusing on the UK government’s proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act and the impending consultation.  

“Let a Woman Speak…discussing the Gender Recognition Act” is the second event that LAWS has organised in the South West, giving space for women to come together to discuss their concerns regarding the government’s proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) and its imminent consultation, and how those changes will affect the rights of women and children all across the UK.

The event will be held in Plymouth on Saturday 25th August at 7pm. Chaired by Councillor Louise Paine (St Just and Pendeen), the speakers will include Stephanie Davies-Arai, a parenting consultant and teacher trainer; Miranda Yardley, a transexual, who writes about the politics of sex and gender; Dr Nic Williams, a research scientist specialising in biology; and Abigail Rowland, a former secondary school teacher and published poet.

If you’d like to attend the event, tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite.

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BBC announces major initiative ‘Plastics Watch’ following the global impact of Blue Planet II

Sir David Attenborough is backing the BBC’s new launch Plastics Watch following the “astonishing” impact of his breath-taking Blue Planet II.

The major new initiative aims to enable the British public to help reduce plastic pollution. It will also include programme commissions and digital content on how the UK and the wider world are tackling plastic pollution.

Every year in the UK, we use nearly 7.7 billion single-use plastic water bottles and 16.5 billion pieces of single use plastic cutlery, but behind the bleak statistics, each film will also calculate the plastic waste that can be prevented and the positive impact on the environment if the UK public adopts a change in behaviour.

Plastics Action, a public participation initiative, will aim to enable the whole of the UK to become #PlasticsAction heroes by choosing one (or more) of five suggested actions to reduce their plastic footprint: using a re-useable bottle, coffee cup, straw, lunch box or shopping bag.

BBC programming will include Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s War On Plastics on BBC One, continuing the work he started in Hugh’s War On Waste, and Stacey Dooley will present The Truth About What You Wear later this year.


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Get Involved with Cornwall Fuel Bank

Cornwall is in the top ten fuel insecure areas of England, with around 36,000 households living in fuel poverty. Feeding Britain are working in partnership with the npower Foundation – the Fuel Bank® charity – to establish a Fuel Bank® to ensure that Cornish families won’t have to choose between heating their home and feeding their family.

The issue
Behind the idyllic Cornish holiday destinations and famous restaurants is a hidden problem. Many people are struggling to get by and put food on the table. This is largely due to seasonal work, low wages and unsecured contracts. In a recent survey by Cornwall Council, 15% of residents said that finding the money to pay for utility bills was a problem.

We know that foodbank users often experience both food and fuel crisis. Many who are forced to make the decision between heating and eating choose to forgo the fuel. So they can’t cook the food that they’re given by the foodbank.

How Fuel Banks help
The Cornwall Fuel Bank will provide a crucial lifeline, offering emergency fuel to over 1000 people in need. Along with their food parcel, this provides the breathing space to get through the immediate crisis, and find the longer term help that is needed.

Putting the Fuel Bank® into independent foodbanks will give families and individuals longer term wraparound support. From community support and advice services to employment and skill development, this wraparound support goes beyond one-off emergency help: it empowers people to lift themselves out of a crisis and into long-term stability.

What you can do to help
To fund the Fuel Bank®, we’ll be launching a crowdfunder campaign throughout July to raise £30,000. To make the campaign a success we need your support.

If you are able to contribute, please consider donating early on to the crowdfunding campaign. Your donation will be made public and will encourage others to do the same.

If you think you’d like to donate, but want to get your friends, co-workers, employees, or customers involved too, consider fundraising instead. Here are just a few of the great ideas
we’ve heard about so far:

  • Host a Cream Tea in the office (National cream tea day is the 29th June)
  • Set up a donation polling station (How do you pronounce scone? To rhyme with cone or gone? What goes on first? The clotted cream or the jam?)
  • Host a pub quiz night
  • Put a menu item, product, or service on as a ‘Charity Special’ and donate a percentage of proceeds to the crowdfunder at the end of the month when the campaign ends.

We have lots of ideas and support materials to help make your fundraiser a success, so please get in touch and we can support you on your way.

If you’re not quite ready to make a financial contribution, your support to help us get the word out is just as important. A few great ideas on how you can help:

  • Share on social media
  • Send an email around to your friends
  • Ask 5 people who you think might be able to give to the cause

If you have any questions, please contact Annie Olivier, Programme Coordinator, Feeding Britain on annie.olivier@feedingbritain.org.

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