Badminton and Walking Netball: Are You Ready?

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As we all begin to slowly look forward to returning to some kind of normality, organisations are taking the opportunity to review their programme delivery, create a greater understanding of their audience and ensure that appropriate opportunities are accessible, to give everyone the confidence to improve their level of physically activity and to consider trying new activities, in line with government restrictions.

Through the WI’s partnership with England Netball and our past involvement with Badminton England, WI members have been asked to consider taking part in the following two surveys. 

If you’ve ever considered joining in either walking netball or badminton activities through the WI, please take the time to fill in the surveys.

Walking Netball
In partnership with England Netball, the NFWI will be providing regular updates and all the latest information WI members will need to help support the restart of the game and the reopening of courts so that as a Walking Netball family, we can safely return to play in line with government guidance.

As we start our journey returning to court, we want to have a clearer understanding about how WI members are feeling about returning to play, what Walking Netball means to you, and how the sport has played a role in your lives during this past year. England Netball is also working on their 10-year strategy for Walking Netball and feel strongly that the WI should be included within this and are keen to hear your thoughts on the future of the game and how the sport can be shaped and evolved, to enable it to continue for the generations to come. If you would like to contribute to this research, please click on the link below (survey should take about 10-15mins).

How are you feeling about returning to netball?

Message from Badminton England
At Badminton England we strongly believe that everyone should be able to access and enjoy our sport regardless of their gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, background
or circumstances. We will strive to drive, support and embed inclusive practice both within the organisation and the wider badminton community.

Through learning more about people’s perceptions of our sport and the barriers different communities face in accessing it, we will better understand areas of strength and development in diverse and inclusive practice to remove barriers to play. In order to achieve this, we want to hear from you to understand your perceptions, experiences, challenges and needs so we can improve the accessibility of our sport.

Badminton England Diversity & Inclusion Consultation

When opened, you will see that both survey’s state an end date. However, both will continue to stay open for a number of weeks after the closing date.


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‘Image of the Black’ National Gallery Online Event

Photo credit @ Michael Ohajuru

Discover ‘image of the black’ in National Gallery paintings at an online talk, ahead of the UN’s Anti-Racism Day.

Friday 19 March 2021 starting at 11am

Michael Ohajuru discusses the black presence in The National Gallery‘s collection. Find out how the black presence moves from objects of economic capital to creators of cultural capital – with black people depicted in many forms, from kings and queens, to warriors and servants to performers, musicians and even as an artist.

Often the black presence is explicit; sometimes it is less obvious and needs teasing out. This 1-hour talk, which will be hosted by the National Gallery, on Zoom webinar, seeks to make the black presence in art better known.

Michael Ohajuru is a cultural historian and arts blogger who specialises in the Black African presence in Renaissance Europe. He has a particular interest in the Black Magus in Adoration images from the period. He was a Senior Fellow of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies (2017).

The NFWI and National Gallery partnership has flourished and grown in popularity within the WI membership since 2018. NFWI would like to celebrate this success by opening this event to non-members, as a means of giving members the opportunity to invite and share an exclusive event with friends and family, giving a small taste of what fabulous opportunities can be accessed by becoming a WI member.

Tickets (£5 each) are available to purchase through Eventbrite, please click here to book.

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Book Review: ‘Climate Justice: A Man-Made Problem with a Feminist Solution

Climate JusticeWe all know about climate change and the consequences of increasing global temperatures. We also know that the effects of climate change are not spread equally around the globe.

What we may not know is the impact this is having on the daily lives of many people now and which, indeed, threatens their very survival.

In her capacity as UN Special Envoy on Climate Change, Mary Robinson has met the people living this reality and in this book she recounts their stories. From Alaska to Australia, Kenya to Kiribati, the narrative is one of adapting to each crisis as it comes along.

In Alaska whole communities are having to relocate because ground that was permanently frozen is now soggy and unable to support schools and houses. Kiribati is an island kingdom straddling both the equator and International Date Line. Most of the islands are less than 6 feet above sea level and, with current predictions of rising sea levels, plans are being made to move the entire country.

Against this bleak picture, Mary Robinson tells of her encounters with (mostly) women of extraordinary resourcefulness and determination who are making a significant difference at the grassroots level. Constance Okollet describes how in September 2007, flash flooding swept away houses, crops, animals and people in her village of Asinget, Uganda. Realising that deforestation was one cause of the flooding, Constance set about persuading her local council to fund tree planting. She is now a regular speaker at the annual UN climate meetings.

The M’bororo tribes of Chad are nomadic herders with a finely attuned knowledge of weather patterns handed down through generations. With Lake Chad only a tenth of its former size and water holes drying up, many herders are having to abandon their traditional lifestyle. In a highly patriarchal society women find it hard to be heard but Hindou was determined to speak up for her tribe. She is now a climate activist and supporter of women’s rights and indigenous groups.

These women have not been content to wait for international aid to help them; they have educated, organised, pressurised and “got on with the job”.

This book brings together three vital threads:

  • climate change is now
  • it is a crisis affecting all of humanity
  • immediate action is needed

But underlying this is the fact that climate change is unjust. The people suffering the most have not caused the problem and they are often least well equipped to deal with it. But there are remarkable people, many of them women, making a huge difference at local, national and international levels.

Mary Robinson celebrates these people in her book Climate Justice: A Man-Made Problem with a Feminist Solution.

Book review written by CFWI Climate Ambassador Kim Sudell

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Photo Memories for Hayle WI Members

When Hayle WI President Margaret Stockton was sorting through the many photos stored on her PC recently, she realized that she had quite a few of her WI members, taken at various events, outings and meetings over the past few years.

She decided, with her committee’s agreement, to create a little photo book of happy memories, one to be given to each member.

The books were well received and brought a smile to many faces. Margaret expects her camera to be working again soon, as Hayle WI begins a new year of planned activities, both outdoors and eventually indoors.

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An Invitation from Bodmin Gaolbirds

Bodmin Gaolbirds W.I (@GaolbirdsWI) | TwitterBodmin Gaolbirds WI would like to invite you to join them for a Zoom presentation with Charlotte Somers from The Hall for Cornwall on Wednesday 10th March at 7pm.

Charlotte will be bringing us all up-to-date with the renovations and refurbishment of the theatre.

It will be exciting to have an insight before we all meet for our Annual Council Meeting in October.

If you would like to join the talk, there is a small charge of £2 per person.  Please email Sharon Edyvean on She will give you the necessary bank details to make a payment and will send you the link to attend the event.

(Closing date Monday 8th March 2021)

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Blooming Good Bulbs!

For our 2021 Bulb Scheme we are again using Walkers Bulbs Ltd (the mail order subsidiary of Taylors Bulbs) who have been supplying bulbs to WIs for many years. CFWI receives a commission on the value of the orders placed, so this is a very useful contribution towards the cost of running the Federation and we thank you very much for your support.

This year the catalogue and order form are available here on our website.

Any members who would like a catalogue and order form emailed directly to them please contact the Office at Alternatively, to receive a catalogue and order form by post please send a stamped self-addressed C5 envelope marked ‘Bulbs’ to Chy Noweth an Conteth, Truro Business Park, Threemilestone, Truro TR4 9NH.

The company provides a free delivery service for orders over £25. For orders under £25 please add £4 to cover P&P.

Orders, together with a cheque made payable to CFWI, should be returned to Chy Noweth by 4 June 2021.

The orders will be processed by Walkers Bulbs during the summer, and the bulbs will be dispatched to the delivery address given on the order form during September.

Keep planting!

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West Cornwall Climate Focus Event

by Karrie Skaife, member of St Mary’s Isles of Scilly WI

As a result of my Show the Love window display winning the CFWI competition recently, I was invited by Pippa Stilwell, Climate Ambassador, to attend a Zoom Climate Focus Event attended by Derek Thomas, MP, amongst others. 

On a February afternoon, I logged into the well-organised webinar hosted by Pippa Stilwell. On screen were six faces, including Derek Thomas, MP; his assistant Meghan; and the four speakers, each of whom went on to talk briefly about their area and what is being done to make a difference to climate change and the environment.

Pippa spoke first, mentioning the aim for Cornwall to reach a net zero target for carbon emissions by 2030. As an attendee, I had no idea of the numbers present, apart from the occasional disembodied voice asking a question. Pippa was delighted that so many WI members and representatives were attending, and stressed the non-party political stance of the WI, with their role as a cross community organisation.

With the help of 100 trained Climate Ambassadors nationwide, the WI is leading the drive to reduce carbon emissions from the ground up. It is us and our neighbours who must make changes. It is not all gloomy news, as these changes can also offer health benefits, including exercise, better diet and cleaner air. Work has gone on since the first Climate Coalition March in 2014, but Pippa said we can’t relax, and we need to keep lobbying our MPs to work beyond party politics with the mandate we give them. She joked that “Carbis Bay is the new Davos!”

Jane Haslam from Sustainable Pendeen spoke next about the differences they are driving in their village, running all sorts of interactive events from The Centre, designed to be empowering, inclusive and fun, and leaving people feeling able to discuss and act upon environmental matters. Like Pippa, Jane realises the vast global nature of the problem can leave people locally feeling overwhelmed, but their events have covered many things such as making homes more heat- and energy-efficient, looking at electric vehicles, focussing on reducing plastics, running a repair cafe; all things everyone can be part of to make a difference.

Jonathan How then spoke about his involvement with climate change matters since watching a television documentary titled Due to Lack of Interest, Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled in 1971. He works with the Penzance Council’s Climate Emergency Sub-Committee to lobby for new frameworks and models to improve sustainability and efficiency wherever possible. One example is the introduction of electric Council vehicles, a mechanical road-clearing machine that uses no glyphosate to keep weeds down, looking at green energy tariffs, savings and investments, streamlining recycling and refuse collection, reducing traffic and increasing energy from wind turbines. What impressed me was his positivity that we can all do smaller things, altering aspects of our lifestyles and behaviour, that start to make local changes, building community engagement and creating serious change. His message was that we are all in this together; things take time, but they can and do happen.

The final speaker in this inspiring line up was Katharine Lewis of Helston Climate Action Group, an Outreach Officer, teacher and mum, who works with local schools and other organisations to make changes to reduce our carbon footprints, from planting trees, setting up a food hub, starting a repair cafe, planting for nature and supporting local businesses. She started by sharing a feeling of ‘eco anxiety’ and looking with fear at what the future holds, but Katharine turned this into action, securing funding and pooling resources with volunteers and groups like Join the Dots Network to share wisdom, invest in green jobs and create work opportunities. She said that Government legislation is not keeping pace with climate/ecological breakdown. Despite promises, homes are still not being built to new ecological standards. Like all the speakers today, she emphasised how easy it is to feel gloomy or unable to make a difference, but her view was to consider 2030 and “Imagine if …” – what can we do to be inclusive, have positive goals, strive to become carbon neutral?

Derek Thomas took notes of things mentioned in the webinar that he would look into and raise with Government, and offered advice to one woman whose question concerned local flooding from field runoff in Gulval village based on a similar problem he knew about elsewhere in Cornwall.

There was a question and answer section to the webinar, covering varied topics from possible warning eco labelling on fossil fuel pumps to how to measure success by more than GDP alone, citing New Zealand as an example, and Nepal’s Gross Happiness Index. Derek asked all the speakers if they were willing to share their details to encourage more volunteers to join them. There are further webinar events planned.

It was a most interesting and inspiring event highlighting so much that is positive and the many ways in which people in Cornwall are working to improve matters for the environment.

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How about a spring litter pick?

Now that spring has pretty well sprung, we are all thinking about various spring cleaning ideas. What about a litter pick? If everything goes to plan, by the end of March, we’ll be able to meet outdoors in groups of six. What better way to get members of your WI outdoors and together?

If you fancy getting involved, Clean Cornwall can help in all sorts of ways.

If you to know about organised litter picks in your area, Clean Cornwall can tell you about those too.

Or you might fancy doing a litter pick on your own, or in a group. Clean Cornwall can help you do it in all sorts of ways:

  • Offer advice on how to plan a pick
  • Help you decide where to go
  • Provide you with insurance
  • Loan you litter picking equipment
  • Even take the litter away afterwards for you
  • Help you promote what you are doing if you like

To get started, go to the Clean Cornwall website and download the LitterPickPack.

CFWI is a member of Clean Cornwall, a charity which is a partnership of local businesses, community groups, volunteers and public sector groups dedicated to reducing litter. It receives some funding from Cornwall Council.

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Cornwall Climate Care Produces New Film

Claire Wallerstein

This week saw the launch of the first of a brilliant series of films by Cornwall Climate Care called Cornwall Climate Stories. The film, Under the Surface, looks at how – without most of us even having noticed – climate change is already affecting the marine environment in Cornwall.

The film is presented by Claire Wallerstein, with whom CFWI works as part of the Cornwall Plastic Pollution Coalition. You might know her from Rame Peninsula Beach Care which she set up (beach cleaning and marine conservation charity). More famously, she was a member of the 2018 Sail Against Plastic expedition to Svalbard, studying the impact of plastic pollution, but also experiencing the inescapable evidence of climate change on this fragile region in the remote Arctic.

Whether you know Claire or not, the film is really interesting and is visually fascinating as well. The challenge of climate change is huge and the problems immense. But don’t be disheartened – this film talks about innovative new projects going on right now in Cornwall, and introduces us to some of the wonderful people doing it, including Ruth Williams (another good friend of CFWI’s from the Cornwall Wildlife Trust) and others from Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust, Cornwall Birds and Exeter University’s Marine Biological Association.

The film just lasts half an hour and is free to view either on Cornwall Climate Care’s website or on YouTube below:


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Let’s Hear It for Harrowbarrow & Metherell WI!

Here at CFWI, we are always ready to applaud WIs that are keeping things going through these difficult times. And today, Harrowbarrow & Metherell WI gets a standing ovation!

Although unable to meet at present members enjoy regular emails from President Joan Tall and important updates from Secretary Kathy Thomas. 

One of the focuses in the last 12 months has been Harrowbarrow & Metherell’s adopted telephone box which has been regularly redecorated for different occasions.

The latest revamp is for the “Show The Love” campaign, with green hearts.  

Many thanks to the committee and members of Harrowbarrow & Metherell WI!

We’d love to hear about the ways your WI is keeping members involved. Please send any stories and photos to

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