A Visit to Killerton House

Kathy and Jo from Marhamchurch WI tickle the ivories at Killerton House when the Federation visited on Friday.

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Speakers’ Auditions

Last week’s Speakers’ Auditions Day was a fun and informative one for all who attended. A room full of WI Programme Secretaries and other members heard a series of potential speakers, and had the chance to provide written reviews of all of them. 

They may also have picked up some ideas for future speakers for their own WIs before anyone else!

The next step is for the Board of Trustees to go over all of the written feedback from the day and to determine which of the speakers will be added to our CFWI Speakers’ Directory.

If you missed your chance to attend, there will be another Auditions Day with a whole batch of new speakers in the spring! Watch County News for the date.

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Notice re Annual Council Meeting Tickets

For those of you attending next month’s Annual Council Meeting at the Regal Theatre in Redruth, your tickets will be on their way to your WI very shortly!

Please note that each ticket has a pre-order lunch form stapled to it.  You will need to fill in the form and return it directly to the Regal – not to CFWI. However, the Theatre neglected to add a closing date to the lunch form – the closing date for lunch pre-order forms is 12th October.

Thank you!

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Mawnan WI screens ‘Suffragette’

As the summer months have come to an end, so too have Mawnan WI’s celebrations of the centenary of Women’s Suffrage.

Following a number of events, which have included making rosettes and a banner for a commemorative march from the centre of the village to Trebah Gardens, women and girls and men and boys living in the community were invited to the Memorial Hall for a free screening of the film “Suffragette”. Popcorn was served as the audience settled to view this evocative dramatisation of a young woman’s journey from laundry worker to becoming a suffragette. What an emotional roller coaster! There was hardly a dry eye in the house by the time the climax of the film was reached with the scene in which Emily Wilding Davison was trodden to death by the King’s horse.

In her welcome to the audience, Sally Annan, Mawnan WI President, thanked Councillor John Bastin for the grant which enabled the event to take place. It was agreed that this was a fitting way to conclude our celebration of the achievements of the inspirational suffragettes who did so much to improve the lives of women.

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What’s the Weather in Mawnan?

We all like to talk about the weather and follow the forecasts listening especially to the well-known voice on BBC Radio Cornwall of Kevin Thomas….what he has to say may brighten or perhaps dampen our days!

Mawnan WI was delighted to welcome Kevin to talk about Cornish Weather Forecasting and to learn a little about his job. He confirmed what many of us believe: all villages in Cornwall are certain that they have their own microclimate.

It was also interesting to note that even the meteorologists talk about the A30 front – the phenomenon of mist and rain which descends on drivers! Kevin is a keen photographer and ended his presentation with some superb slides illustrating different weather conditions around the county.

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The Last of the Summer Walks for Marhamchurch WI

Seven members of Marhamchurch WI walked from Marhamchurch to Widemouth Bay along the Hare Walk. Once there, they joined 13 other members eagerly awaiting their arrival so that a cream tea could be ordered. The weather was beautiful and some blackberrying was in order along the way. The women were able to sit outside to pose for a photo with the sea in the background. What a lovely end to a fantastic summer.

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St Teath WI Celebrates the Women’s Vote

Earlier this summer, St Teath WI joined in their carnival as suffragettes, celebrating the 100 years since (some) woman were granted the vote.

Ann Harris, Marian Sinclair and Jean Burden, all of St Teath WI

It was a windy, rainy day, hats were firmly put on heads and banners tightly grasped. The members gathered on the sports ground ready for the march into the village centre. Before the march, they practised the marching songs: “The Women’s Battle Song” to the tune of Onward Christian Soldiers, and “Rise up Women” to the tune of John Brown’s Body.

Anne Tyler, St Teath WI Secretary says, “It was good. We felt exhilarated and empowered – by our own joining together and by the cheers of the crowds –and we came away with a rosette!”

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Notices from Truro WI

Does This Ring Your Bell?
Truro WI has a set of 24 hand-bells, stored in three carrying cases. If your WI would like to start a hand-bell ringing group, Truro WI are willing to lend them, long-term, to an interested WI. At present, some restoration is needed, but this work would be done so that the bells will be loaned in good working order. Further details available from Jane Dover.

Noticeboard Available
Is your WI looking for a new noticeboard? Or have you thought how useful one could be to display all the latest information? Truro WI has a spare one available. It is an aluminium framed, blue covered board to take push-pins and is 48” x 36” max. Please contact Jane Dover for further details.

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Change of Speaker at Annual Council Meeting

Chris Knight of St Austell Brewery (Photo by Paul Williams)

For those of you attending next month’s Annual Council Meeting, we have had a change of speaker. We will still be hearing about the ‘Tales of Two Local Brewers’, with Tregothnan Tea and St Austell Brewery.

However, Roger Ryman from the brewery is unable to attend. Instead, we will be welcoming Chris Knight from St Austell Brewery.

Chris is Curator at St Austell Brewery and looks after the heritage, archives and Brewery museum. With 167 years of history to choose from, there’s certainly no shortage of Brewery tales to tell but, without a woman’s touch, there may well have been a very different ending. Chris’s talk will outline the lives and impact on both the Brewery and the nation of two remarkable female members of the Hicks family.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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Success for Week St Mary Bonaventures at Agricultural Show

Week St Mary Bonaventures Treasurer Sue Dyer is presented with the cup. Also pictured are Week St Mary President Sue Dickenson and members Lesley Booker and Judith Taylor.

“All the Fun of the Fair!” was the theme for WI members at this year’s Stratton and Holsworthy Agricultural Show, and was chosen by the 2018 organising group from Marhamchurch.

Members from each of the five WIs taking part (Bude, Holsworthy, Jacobstow, Marhamchurch and Week St Mary) were able to choose to make nine items from a list of 12 from the categories of cookery, craft or miscellaneous.

Each WI group was allotted a table on which the various completed creations were impressively displayed, making it extremely difficult for the judges to make their decisions.

Valerie Wonnacott, President of Marhamchurch W, said, “Judging went very smoothly. They were very efficient but had a tough job this year”. The judges commented on the high standard of entries and were impressed with how each group had interpreted the same subject in such a different way.

Choosing the best individual item proved too difficult for the judges as seven WI members achieved maximum points required to win the Challenge Trophy. Two of the seven, Lesley Booker and Cilla Brown, were from Week St Mary.

These points, added to the groups’ final scores, resulted in a win for Week St Mary Bonaventures as they beat Marhamchurch by only half a point!

The Bonaventures received the Penhale Cup for most points and the Silver Rose Bowl for best display.

Members were delighted as this was only their third time entering the show.

This year’s entrants were, Ann Johnston (knitted clowns), Lesley Booke r(decorated balloons and “shy coconut”), Micheline Smith (fabric money bag), Cilla Brown (floral display), Marilyn Reynolds (decorated cake), Sue Isherwood (handmade sweets), Jeanette Taylor (sausage rolls) and Judith Taylor (decorated hat).

Sue Dyer, Week St Mary Treasurer, helped organise the team and co-ordinate the items.

Sue Dickenson, Week St Mary Bonaventures President said, “It wasn’t the easiest of displays to do. We wanted to choose things that were out of the ordinary and not too clichéd.” She added, “We really encouraged our members to think outside the box and they did just that. We all pulled together as a team – just like a good WI should – and created something to be proud of.”

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