Soon it will be Valentine’s Day, and once again NFWI and the Climate Coalition are inviting us to show the love for the planet by making and wearing green hearts of all descriptions, and sending examples of our craft skills to our local MPs and councillors to let them know how seriously we take the threat of climate change.


For their Annual Meeting on 1 February, members of Zennor WI decided to promote the use of local libraries as a green resource. We assembled a display including a green heart promoting the Climate Coalition campaign, a copy of the Show the Love Action Pack with their new hashtag # The Fight that Unites, green hearts to give away, and bookmarks celebrating the WI’s campaign to keep our libraries open.


There is still plenty of time to organise a Show the Love event for your own WI – the campaign runs for the whole of February. You can find plenty of resources at, or on MyWI 

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