WI Fundraising

You will all have seen beautiful glossy adverts recently in both County News and WI Life promoting Breast Cancer Now‘s Afternoon Tea. 

While we all acknowledge what an important cause this is, we do need to draw your attention to the fact that, per our WI Constitution, WIs cannot lawfully fundraise for national charities and, unfortunately, Breast Cancer Now is a national charity. 

Don’t worry, though. There are certainly ways you can still support Breast Cancer Now. There is nothing to stop you and a group of your friends (who may or may not be WI members) from holding an afternoon tea to raise funds. What you must be careful about is that you do not mention your WI or in any way suggest that the fundraiser is being held as a WI event. 

If you would like more guidance about how your WI can raise funds, there are some very good Fundraising Guidelines on MyWI.

If you have any other questions, please contact your WI Adviser – whose details you can find in our Year Book.

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