A Busy Week for Penryn WI

Pictured here at the tree planting are a few members of Penryn WI with Matt Stannard, Senior Gardener with Cormac’s Parks and Gardens team.

Earlier this month, with help from Cormac’s Parks and Gardens Team, Penryn WI planted a tree in Trelawny Park to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, as part of The Queen’s Green Canopy project.

The tree is a Cercidiphyllum japonicum.  It’s deciduous, has lovely autumnal colour and stunning blossom in the spring. Cormac’s Matt Stannard advised it’ll grow to about 25 metres – what a show that will be when it matures!

The members all had a go at shovelling in a few spades full of good soil.  It was then securely staked, well watered in and mulched. They’ll be keeping an eye on it daily from here on in!

That same week, members of Penryn WI were to be found in Town Hall when they accepted the Mayor’s kind invitation to a cream tea. Thanks to Mayor Julie Tucker, Deputy Mayor Mary May and the Mayor’s Secretary, Linda Body, who made the group so welcome and provided them with a lovely tea. 

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