A New Pennant for South Hill WI

South Hill WI members Ellen Seward and Helen Squires and President Janet Corrigan are pictured holding the new pennant.

South Hill WI has a new pennant. It will go to to the next Royal Cornwall Show where it will be displayed in the WI Marquee with others from all over Cornwall. The design reflects features of the area around South Hill WI, and was designed and made by members.

South Hill WI member Ellen Seward, who helped work on the pennant, said, “We chose a simple design which could be easily seen from a distance. The black diamond, which is the shape of South Hill Parish, is on a white background to echo the Cornish flag. The interlocking central letters are in WI green and purple and the border of rainbow colours shows our inclusivity.”

We love the new pennant and can’t wait to see it hanging in the WI Marquee at the Show!

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