A Survey for non-WI Members


We often hear WI members talk about friends and family who aren’t WI members, and anecdotally we hear many reasons why they have not joined. In order to move forward with our vision, to be more inclusive and flexible, and of course to grow, we need to understand why women aren’t members of the WI.

At the WI Annual Meeting this year in Liverpool, Ann Jones, NFWI Chair, challenged all members to ask other women this very question and to spread the word about the WI. We have heard some lovely stories of this happening across the country, but now we want to take this a step further and gather data to help us identify any gaps in our offering.

We would love all members to please share this non-member survey as widely as possible with all the women you know who are not already WI members. If appropriate and permitted within the group guidelines, please also share to any community groups, parent groups, and interest groups. The more responses we receive the better picture we can build to help us ensure we are reaching all women. The survey will be open until Sunday 15 January 2023 at 12am.

Thank you in advance.

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