A Winter’s Day at Godolphin House for Mawnan WI

Mawnan WI members experienced an enthralling afternoon at the Godolphin Estate near Helston, with friends and partners included.

The visit was arranged to coincide with a day when the house would be open – once Godolphin House was considered to be the finest building this side of Exeter. It was certainly fascinating and the National Trust’s volunteers were on hand to provide insights into its history.

Set in gardens which date from the 16th century and with splendid views across the county, there are many stories to be told about the rich Godolphin family who were mine owners and politicians. The building was left to deteriorate over the last century and there is still a lot of work to be done restoring parts of the house. It was a great opportunity to look around the house, which was beautifully decorated for the festive season, and the group enjoyed one another’s company on what turned out to be a lovely, sunny first day of winter.

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