An Invitation from Ladock WI

Ladock WI invites you to join them on Zoom to hear guest speaker Elizabeth Gowing on Wednesday 28 October at 7:30pm.

Elizabeth is an experienced speaker and author, who lives in Kosovo, but is currently living in Cornwall. The title of this talk is Unlikely Positions in Unlikely Places: A Yoga Journey around Britain.

Elizabeth says:

This talk tells the stories from my explorations of yoga. I am not a likely yogini; I am too fond of chocolate and to-do lists, and sometimes fall over on my mat. So this is not a ‘how to’ talk; it’s given by an explorer rather than an expert. Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, it evokes the characters and communities met along a fascinating journey, from doga (yes, yoga with your dog) to my dripping day of ‘hot yoga’, hanging upside down in aerial yoga, to yoga in prisons and with asylum-seekers, children and stand-up paddleboards. It will be of interest to those who love Britain – its quirkiness and its multiple layered communities, from inner city community centres to exclusive spas. It will also be loved by the ‘armchair yogini’ and the armchair traveller. It’s a light introduction to some mind-bending ways that ancient positions can find new homes, and ordinary and extraordinary people in crisis can find peace and a sense of belonging. It is suitable for all interests, not only those with an interest in yoga.

If you’re interested in attending, please contact Sandra Buck on with your name, WI and email address. The Zoom link will then be sent to you. There is no charge.

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