April is MCS Month!

Do you know what MCS is?

It’s our Membership Communication System – in simple words, it’s the big national database of all WI members. It’s the way our national organisation knows how many members we have and, more importantly to us, it’s the way we get our copies of WI Life.

April has been nominated as a time to review the MCS to ensure the details for every
member and WI are fully up to date. By keeping correct and up-to-date MCS records you are helping us to provide the best and most efficient service to your members and limiting the costly waste of resources.

Do you know who your MCS Rep is? Every WI should have one. If you don’t know, why not ask at your next meeting! If you are your WI’s MCS Rep, why not say a few words at your next meeting about what you do so that all your members understand!

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