Are You Giving up Plastic for Lent?

Photo © Chris Jordan

Today is the start of Lent and a lot of us are geared up with our paper grocery bags, reusable bottles and reusable coffee cups to give up as much plastic as we can – particularly all that avoidable throw-away stuff we collect every day. It will be a bit of a faff, but well worth it. It will really make us think about usage – and I’m sure that it will change our behaviour forever. And we can talk to our local supermarkets too – to push them to do more. Now.

This picture really focuses the attention on plastic pollution. It breaks your heart. The photo shows a baby albatross – the prince of the oceans – down on the south seas, found dead with a belly full of plastic. We are drowning in single use plastic, We must reverse that. And we can all make a difference. Now.

So off we go! Join us!

Thanks to Chris Jordan and Surfers Against Sewage for the pic.

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