Badminton and Walking Netball: Are You Ready?

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As we all begin to slowly look forward to returning to some kind of normality, organisations are taking the opportunity to review their programme delivery, create a greater understanding of their audience and ensure that appropriate opportunities are accessible, to give everyone the confidence to improve their level of physically activity and to consider trying new activities, in line with government restrictions.

Through the WI’s partnership with England Netball and our past involvement with Badminton England, WI members have been asked to consider taking part in the following two surveys. 

If you’ve ever considered joining in either walking netball or badminton activities through the WI, please take the time to fill in the surveys.

Walking Netball
In partnership with England Netball, the NFWI will be providing regular updates and all the latest information WI members will need to help support the restart of the game and the reopening of courts so that as a Walking Netball family, we can safely return to play in line with government guidance.

As we start our journey returning to court, we want to have a clearer understanding about how WI members are feeling about returning to play, what Walking Netball means to you, and how the sport has played a role in your lives during this past year. England Netball is also working on their 10-year strategy for Walking Netball and feel strongly that the WI should be included within this and are keen to hear your thoughts on the future of the game and how the sport can be shaped and evolved, to enable it to continue for the generations to come. If you would like to contribute to this research, please click on the link below (survey should take about 10-15mins).

How are you feeling about returning to netball?

Message from Badminton England
At Badminton England we strongly believe that everyone should be able to access and enjoy our sport regardless of their gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, background
or circumstances. We will strive to drive, support and embed inclusive practice both within the organisation and the wider badminton community.

Through learning more about people’s perceptions of our sport and the barriers different communities face in accessing it, we will better understand areas of strength and development in diverse and inclusive practice to remove barriers to play. In order to achieve this, we want to hear from you to understand your perceptions, experiences, challenges and needs so we can improve the accessibility of our sport.

Badminton England Diversity & Inclusion Consultation

When opened, you will see that both survey’s state an end date. However, both will continue to stay open for a number of weeks after the closing date.


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