Banner Parade Update – Saturday 28th September

Since the call for banners to parade prior to our Centenary Service went out in County News, we have had to alter our plans, as the police are unable to attend and guide us safely on the roads in Truro.

We will now be assembling on Cathedral Green and processing round to High Cross.

This is not quite what we envisaged, but less far for those muscles to hold up a banner!

If you are a banner carrier, you need to be at Cathedral Green by no later than 1.40pm. Led by the County Banner, the procession will set off at 1.50. Only the County banner will be received by the Dean, the other banners will need to be carried to a side aisle by the bearer and placed safely during the service. At the end the procession will re-form, again led by the County banner.

If you have any questions or problems about any of the above please contact Helen Kestle or Penny Picton,

To find Cathedral Green: Go into High Cross, where the main entrance is, then walk to the left hand side, past the shops and the Cathedral side entrance, where the ramp access is; just to the left of that is an iron gateway through into the green.

Enjoy the occasion!

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  1. Thankyou for letting us know and look forward to seeing you there.
    Sue Dickenson
    Week St Mary Bonaventures

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