Big Trees from Little Ideas Grow

Pictured (left to right) Julia Havard, Chair of CFWI’s Environment & Public Affairs sub-committee; Euan McPhee, Chairman of the Friends of Tregoniggie Woodland; Cllr Malcolm Bennett, Chairman of Budock Parish Council; Grace Bradford, member of the CFWI Board of Trustees and President of Falmouth WI; Jane Cartwright, head of sales at Persimmon Homes; and Cllr Steve Eva, Mayor of Falmouth.

CFWI was delighted to take part in a tree planting ceremony in Falmouth on Monday.

The Woodland Trust has a fabulous scheme in which they give away trees to schools and community groups. CFWI’s delivery of over 400 trees arrived last month, ready to plant in this glorious location next to a new housing development and adjoining Tregoniggie Woodland. Following our suggestion to the Falmouth Green Corridor Forum last year, the plan has grown and grown and at the latest count there will be a total of nearly 4000 trees planted.

Of course the “trees” are currently just six-inch tall twigs – so we have to be patient! If you look carefully you will see that everyone on the picture is holding one.

Planting trees is such a lovely thing to do on so many levels. This Falmouth planting will help improve the environment for local residents, and will be an educational aid and an introduction to the natural environment for the local schoolchildren. It is a source of oxygen, a habitat, an extension of the green corridor, and a thing of beauty (after a bit). It is so nice to have something to celebrate for a change!

If you are interested in learning more about the tree planting scheme, check out The Woodland Trust website.

We are no experts, but do contact the Environment & Public Affairs sub-committee if you would like more information, or if you have an idea for another planting by us for next year.

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