Bodmin Gaolbirds WI Get the Year off to a Flowery Start

Some of the beautiful winter arrangements produced by members of Bodmin Gaolbirds WI

Bodmin Gaolbirds WI kicked off 2019 on a cold January night with a bit of flower arranging. There was good attendance on hand to watch Angela Hyland demonstrate her take on a Winter Flower Arrangement. Members then had a go themselves, and some wonderful arrangements resulted. These were judged with Margaret Elliott coming first, Sandra Annear second and Shirley Trewin third.

It seems a long time ago now, but Bodmin Gaolbirds members enjoyed an excellent Christmas Party with a twist in December. Instead of celebrating at a local hostelry it was decided to have caterers in. The conference room at Bodmin Regimental Museum was decorated and long tables laid for a three-course Christmas Dinner under the supervision of Shirley Trewin and Sharon Edyvean. Between courses members were invited to guess a who’s who from baby photos, which caused great amusement.

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