Bollywood Buzz for Bude

(A report from Bude WI about the recent CFWI Bollywood Day)

On 27th October members from Bude WI travelled to Truro to participate in ‘Bollywood Day.’

We were greeted with beautiful garlands being placed over our heads and a small glass of mango juice, which was very refreshing. After a short time, we were asked to take our places at table and one table at a time, we were served a meal containing at least five different Indian curry dishes, poppadoms and naan bread. After this truly delicious meal, we were given a desert of various sweet dishes. These were very refreshing and interesting and tasted amazing. We finished with chai tea, if we wished, or tea or coffee.

We were then entertained by Charlotte, our dancer, who demonstrated several different dances, some quite intricate with complicated moves and some light and humorous – but all beautifully danced. Charlotte then invited us to join her and after a short demonstration, we all danced together. At one time we held colourful chiffon squares in each hand, waving them as we danced and at the end of the dance, we threw them into the air, creating a rainbow of colours.

This was followed by Charlotte demonstrating her artistic talents by applying very intricate henna tattoos on those members who wanted one, either on their hands or feet.

The whole day was very interesting and enjoyable. There was a lovely atmosphere and everyone seemed to have a lovely time. It was a real triumph for all the organisers who worked so hard to make it a complete success.

(Thank you, Bude WI!)

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