1. I am very concerned reading yesterday’s Daily Mail stating the Trustees of Denman college Oxfordshire plan to sell the WI’s educational home.
    Several County WI’s suggest selling their multi million £ offices in London, not purchased many years ago and relocate everything at Denman.
    It’s such a pity we are not in normal circumstances to meet and discuss the Grenville groups opinion. Would it be an idea to try and let Members know the situation. Personally I feel the Trustees should be prevented from any decision until all groups are functioning again even if it’s some time ahead. Hoping all keep safe.

    • Hello, Bernadette:

      Unfortunately, this matter is an NFWI concern, not something the Cornwall Federation has any influence with. However, there were some documents sent by NFWI – including some pretty comprehensive FAQs – which clearly address your query about relocating to Denman. I’m afraid that is not a viable option. Did your WI cascade the NFWI documents to you? If you do have further questions, I would suggest you contact NFWI.

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