Calling All Knitters!

 CFWI has been contacted by the Armed Forces Bikers looking for knitted toy soldiers. Armed Forces Bikers is a registered charity comprised primarily of current and former members of the armed forces whose aim is to raise funds for former colleagues and their families who are in need. Unlike many other charities, every single penny they raise goes toward grants for those that need it.

The charity is looking for knitters who would be willing to knit some toy soldiers that can be sold to raise much needed funds. Two knitting patterns are available, one from WWII and one much newer. If you or any of your WI members are interested, please contact Michael Waters, SW Rep for Armed Forces Bikers, on


Jennifer Nightingale, a filmmaker and avid knitter, is looking for assistance with her PhD research. Her research involves the making of two series of films, one shot in Cornwall and the other in the Faroe Islands — both of which use knitting patterns (Cornish guernseys and Faroese colour work) from the regions as inspiration.

A part of Jennifer’s research has included a look at Mary Wright’s book Cornish Guernseys and Knit-Frocks (1979). It is understood that Mary Wright was a member of the WI (perhaps in the Launceston area?) and that her book came out of work undertaken for two WI shows and strongly relied on her WI contacts. Did you know Mary? Does your WI have any documents in your archives about her? If so, please contact Jennifer at


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  1. Mary Wright lives in the Launceston area around North Petherwin. Still a member no doubt. Recently seen on a ‘Coast’ episode talking about guernseys.

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