Carnon Downs WI Knitters Celebrate the Centenary

Carnon Downs WI’s Knit and Stitch group have been busy celebrating 100 years of the Cornwall Federation by knitting 100 hats for fishermen at the Seaman’s Mission; 100 baby coats, bonnets and booties for the Neonatal Unit at the Royal Cornwall Hospital; and 100 heart-shaped cushions for breast cancer patients at St Michaels Hospital in Hayle. Not only that, but 100 games of ten-pin bowling have been played! The Knit and Stitch group has been an ongoing project since 2010.

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  1. I would like to thank you for my lovely heart shaped cushion. I was given it when I had surgery at St Michael’s hospital. It’s not left my side. It’s so comfortable under my arm following my operation.
    Thank you so much

  2. I would love to thank you all for my heart cushion after breast surgery at st Michael’s.
    I had to travel all the way back to Tywardreth and dont know what I would have done without it. It cushioned my boob lovely where the seat belt went over.
    So many thanks again ladies for your kindness.

  3. Thank you so much for the heart shaped pillow given as a gift from women to women. Your kindness and thoughtfulness brought me to tears. I will treasure it.

  4. Thank you for the lovely heart cushion, so thoughtful and kind. I was given it after surgery at St. Michael’s and it’s been a great comfort.

  5. Dear Canon Downs WI. I am home from daycare lumpectomy. I was given a heart cushion before my op. When I got back to the ward the difference it made was truly amazing. It gave my boob stability which definitely helped the pain. Lots of love to yo all x

  6. Dear all you lovely sewers. Thank you so much for your wonderful heart shaped cushion that I was given following breast surgery at St Michael’s. It was so helpful to have and a godsend when being driven home. It has become known as my ‘best friend’! A touch of such kindness at a difficult time meant so much

  7. Thank you so much for the beautiful heart shaped cushion I was given after breast surgery at St Michaels Hospital, Hayle. It has been a great comfort and feels like a special gift of sisterly love and support. It will always be treasured.
    Love to you all. Xxx

    • Dear lovely WI sewing group,
      I am back today from St Michaels following right sided breast lumpectomy and nodes biopsy whereupon I was given this beautiful heart shaped cushion! -I can’t express enough how helpful it has been with post operative comfort! It makes a significant difference to pain relief, it gives perfect support and I do not want it to leave my side! Thank you so much for such kind caring and beautiful work. Xxx

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