CFWI Social Media Code of Conduct

CFWI has put into place a Social Media Code of Conduct to ensure that all our members and guests are treated with the same respect and friendship online as they receive when at WI meetings or events:

CFWI Social Media Code of Conduct

Updated September 2020

Respectful behaviour: The WI was founded on democratic ideals over 100 years ago and this commitment to equality and inclusion is still central to our ethos today. The WI is an inclusive, supportive and progressive organisation for all women.

When engaging with posts on the CFWI’s Facebook page or with blog entries on the CFWI website, please avoid personal attacks or profanity in your interactions. We will not tolerate any comments that infringe upon another’s rights under the Equality Act 2010, and we maintain a right to remove discriminatory or offensive comments without warning.

We understand that some topics can be emotionally charged. People will sometimes vent their frustration in ways that others with different viewpoints may not agree with. Debates on certain topics are to be expected, as is the nature of online conversation; however, please remember that there is a real person behind the screen, who may be personally affected by hurtful comments. Flippant comments or jokes have the potential to cause serious offense, so please think twice before engaging with a post.

We would like our Facebook page and our website to be positive spaces for learning, sharing news, raising awareness of important issues and building connections. We would like participants to support and respect each other, as they would at a WI meeting or event.

Relevance: CFWI will only share content that is deemed to be relevant to the organisation and its audience. This can include (but is not limited to), news and stories sent in about WI activities, upcoming WI events, WI campaign news, news from other organisations which tie in with our campaigns and items about events and opportunities that are deemed to be of interest to our members

Confidentiality and data protection: Please keep in mind CFWI’s Facebook page and website are public forums, so whatever you share in comments on CFWI posts, on the CFWI wall or on the CFWI website blog can be viewed by everyone. If you are sharing information or photos of another person, make sure you have their consent before doing so. Do not share personal data such as contact details publicly online.

Copyright: When sharing content on Facebook or on our website, please ensure you do not violate someone else’s intellectual property rights. Where possible, only share content (such as images or music) that is your own. If you are sharing someone else’s work, ensure you have their permission and give them credit when sharing.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in comments made by those who participate on the CFWI Facebook page or the CFWI website are the personal opinions of the authors; not of CFWI. Opinions expressed by participants are not necessarily endorsed by CFWI. CFWI will endeavour to reply to all Facebook and website messages and questions asked in a timely manner, however, it should be noted that the page is monitored by volunteers who cannot devote their attention to it full-time.

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