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We recently received a question about our Speakers’ Directory that came to us via the website Suggestion Box. Please please note that as Suggestion Box comments are anonymous, we cannot respond to members’ questions that are sent to us this way. If you would like a response, please either email us or ring the office.

This particular member wanted to know whether we could publish the Directory in a smaller format for printing (to save paper) for those members who do not use the internet. 

Did you know that you can print a document any size you like? You can easily print two pages per sheet of paper! Or go even smaller if you’d like! 

If you use Acrobat Reader (as many do), you can find simple step-by-step instructions here.

If you use a different pdf reader, the instructions will be slightly different – but a quick online search will give you the answer you’re looking for.

This member also asked us if we could publish a list of additions and deletions to the Speakers’ Directory each year so that it wouldn’t be necessary to re-print the entire document. However, the Directory isn’t updated annually. It changes constantly throughout the year, so we’re afraid this isn’t possible. However, all new speakers added to the Directory are marked with a big yellow star!

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