Climate Coalition Mass Lobby

Pippa Stilwell, CFWI Climate Ambassador

Report from Pippa Stiwell, CFWI Climate Ambassador

As part of the Climate Coalition Mass Lobby, this past week Climate Ambassadors Julia Havard and Pippa Stilwell joined Zennor WI President Wyn Brookes and four other constituents to meet St Ives MP Derek Thomas and discuss progress on tackling climate change.

We enjoyed a wide-ranging and friendly conversation, covering such topics as tree-planting, flooding and water management, improving building standards to achieve carbon neutral housing, and pushing the Government to achieve its net-zero target. Derek Thomas agreed to all the Climate Coalition requests, and asked us to develop a petition asking Cornwall Council to set up a properly constituted Citizens’ Assembly. He also asked us to read the latest report of the Committee on Climate Change and write to him regarding the failings of individual Government Departments. He undertook to set up a follow-up Zoom meeting in a month.

Do let us know if you managed to meet your MP as part of the Mass Lobby, either on the day or later on. We know that most Cornwall MPs are committed to tackling Climate Change, and it is good to know what issues concern them most.

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