Constantine WI Members Sort Their Underwear!

Constantine WI have been collecting bras to donate to Smalls for All, a charity that collects underwear for people in Africa and the UK who can’t afford or can’t get any. ‘Because dignity matters’ is the charity’s mantra.

Some women in Africa are shamed by not having underwear, and the men who see they are not wearing bras value the women even less. This can lead to abuse and even rape. Wearing a bra raises their status and helps to protect them from abusive behaviour.

Smalls for All accepts donations of new pants and ‘gently worn’ bras. If you or your WI would like to help, please see the Smalls for All website for details.

Liz Pearce, one of Constantine WI’s committee members has just sent off another 100 bras. The members of Constantine say, “This is a very worthwhile cause that we love to ‘support’!”

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