Cornish Buildings Group Campaigns for Buildings at Risk

The Cornish Buildings Group (CBG) is leading a three-year Historic England/Cornwall Heritage Trust grant funded project to identify and campaign for Cornish buildings at risk.

The Group has maintained a register for buildings at risk since 2014; however, has done so with volunteer support only. This funding will support a case officer who will have dedicated time to champion buildings at risk in the county. The aim of this project is to identify and monitor buildings at risk, and seek solutions for neglected, redundant or derelict listed buildings.

CBG is reaching out to local groups and organisations to support the project. This may be simply reporting a historic building or valued heritage asset in your area that is either derelict or not being properly looked after. Alternatively, they are looking for local agents to monitor sites and report changes of condition.

A form that will help with some background local knowledge (and CBG’s current list of buildings at risk) is available on their website

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