Cornwall Tackles Climate Change

Are you worried about changes to the seasons, gardening failures, flooding? What is happening in Cornwall, this most beautiful of counties, to combat climate change?  What can we do as individuals and as WI members to put pressure on the government to act, and to reduce our own carbon footprint? 

We have planned a morning of speakers at Chy Noweth to tell us about the renewable energy industry in Cornwall, about energy efficiency in our homes, and about the impact of climate change both globally on communities, and locally on our coastline and our wildlife. The morning will end with an open forum.

Cost: £3.50, to include a sandwich lunch. Tea/coffee will be available (small donation welcome).

Closing date is 29th May.

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  1. It’s so pleasing to see the local community taking an interest in such an important problem which is only going to get worse. Cornwall will be affected severely due to its coastal location and this will have an adverse impact on tourism. It’s better to work together now to come up with an action plan for the stormier weather, rising sea levels and drier summers and try to minimize the damage done to Cornwall as an exposed peninsula.

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