Downderry & Seaton Members are Zooming

Like many WIs in Cornwall and across the UK, Downderry and Seaton have been meeting via Zoom. President Maura Swabey attended a Zoom course before signing up and joining; the subscription being paid for from WI funds. Members have been holding committee meetings, monthly meetings and a ‘ Not in the Pub’ social evening where there is always lots of chat, a game or a quiz. In May, members heard an excellent talk from Mary Wakeham who runs the Refuge4Pets charity which supports and finds foster homes for pets from families suffering domestic abuse. Since her talk, one of Downderry and Seaton’s members has crocheted several small blankets for the animals. Next up was a talk from seasoned WI Speaker and Blue Badge guide, Lynn Goold who told the women much about Daphne du Maurier that they did not know. Members are now planning a post-lockdown walk around Rebecca country complete with readings from the book. Zoom has helped the women feel connected and has ensured that their WI is still active; they’ve even managed to recruit a new member!

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