Fishermen’s Kisses Film

A short film entitle Fishermen’s Kisses has just been launched by the Cornwall Plastic Pollution Coalition (of which CFWI is a member).

This is a film aimed at fishermen, looking for their input for designs to help reduce one of the most pervasive forms of marine litter washing up on our beaches – the small offcuts of net (called fishermen’s kisses) that can easily be lost, blown or washed over the side of boats or from harboursides while mending nets. They seem like such a small and insignificant thing, and yet they have built up to become one of the commonest items of waste found on shorelines all around the South West coast.

CPPC has done its very best to keep the tone of the film positive and engaging, and there are some great prizes to be won for the best ideas or images that the film asks for, so let’s hope it will get a good response from within the industry.

Please share the film as widely as possible, especially if you have any friends or family who work in the fishing industry!

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