Flotsam Flo at Chy Noweth!

The lovely Kate Doran (aka Flotsam Flo) will be coming to share her story at Chy Noweth on Wednesday 15 November (10.30am for 11am).

Tickets are only £10 and include biscuits and coffee/tea.

Flotsam Flo makes handmade, unique, sustainable bags, accessories and presents using plastics and materials that are difficult, if not impossible, to recycle.

Plastic pollution is one of the major environmental issues. Not only is it impacting our health, but it is also threatening our wildlife and oceans. Flotsam Flo reuses and repurposes items that take many years to break down, such as wetsuits, life jackets, paddling pools, marketing banners and inflatables. PVC is one of the hardest materials to recycle, often ending up in the sea or landfill, and neoprene can take up to 100 years to biodegrade. It’s a big problem but Flo is doing her bit at helping to reduce this, whilst spreading awareness of this issue to others by education.

Kate has an incredibly moving personal story as well and is very generous in sharing this with her audiences, so this is an event you won’t want to miss. Those who have heard her speak before will now how truly inspiring she is.

Download a booking form here or contact the office to book your place: reception@cornwallwi.org.uk or 01872 272843.

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