Food Safety Training

Food Safety: What You Should Know? - Public Health NotesNow that WIs are getting back to regular meetings and to providing refreshments for members, perhaps it’s time to give some thought to food safety.

Although CFWI cannot recommend any one training firm, there are lots out there who can provide good Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety training. Have a look online. Many of these firms offer training you can do in your own home, online, on your own, and at very affordable prices. The fees can be paid from your WI funds if agreed, and if you have sufficient funds.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea for a couple of members of your WI committee to make sure they have a Food Hygiene certificate, particularly with new regulations regarding allergens now in force.

There is also a Food Safety training module available on the NFWI website, which is open to all members. This isn’t a Level 1 or 2 training course, but is a short training module. However, it is a very good guide and should help you make sure you’re following the rules.


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