Godolphin WI Members are Abuzz!

Everyone was abuzz at Godolphin WI’s meeting this month. Tamsin Harris came along for the evening and told the group all they need to know about beekeeping.

Tamsin started off with just two hives but now has many more – 109 to be precise – scattered around in various places. The colour and flavour of the honey her bees produce varies depending on what they have been feeding on – clover, brambles, wildflowers, etc. We should all try to let clover grow in our grass and not cut it too short!

Tamsin also uses the wax the bees produce to make candles in various forms and, because the wax is all-natural and contains no additives, her candles don’t cause any smoke to discolour walls and ceilings. The members thought some of the candles were just too lovely to light! 

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