Grandparent-Friendly Activities at the Eden Project

If you look after your grandchildren on a regular basis and are looking for new activities you can enjoy together, the Eden Project might be the answer! Eden’s new Deep Roots New Shoots programme is helping grandparents to make the most of their time with their grandchildren; drawing on their skills and experiences, and providing opportunities to meet other grandparent-carers.

Grandparents have always been the unsung heroes of children’s lives. But as the cost of childcare rises and people feel the squeeze, grandparents are stepping in more and more to help raise their grandchildren.

The UK’s 9 million grandparents now put in 8 hours a week of childcare on average (in addition to working themselves), helping parents save £16 billion a year in childcare fees!

They’re also playing an important role in their grandchildren’s lives at a key point in their development. Research shows that children who are looked after by their grandparents develop excellent communication and language skills, the foundation of all learning.

However, childcare is demanding, especially when you are older, and grandparents can feel a bit isolated from other carers and wary of parent and child groups and activities. 

The Deep Roots New Shoots creative activities include music, art, storytelling, nature-based exploration and, from spring 2018, science activities in the new facilities at the Core. The sessions, aimed at grandparents of any age looking after early-years children, are free with a Locals’ Pass or Membership.

To find out more, contact Emma Tolley on 01726 811939 / or visit

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