Has Your WI Entered the Social Media Competition?

During lockdown, WIs have discovered a newfound appreciation for social media! For the past months, it’s been just about the only way for members to ‘meet’.

All of this makes our Social Media Competition more timely than ever.

Tell us how your WI has used social media to navigate the tricky waters of lockdown. Have you held Zoom meetings? Have you used Facebook in a new way? Are you all busy Tweeting? Have you dabbled in YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest?

We’d love to hear about all the creative ideas you’ve come up with to make social media work for you to help sustain your WI during difficult times.

To enter our competition, please email cfwisecretary@btconnect.com with a link to your website, Facebook page, Twitter account – or whichever platform you’ve used to help your WI – along with a description of how using technology has helped you cope with 2020.

The WI deemed to have made the most effective, creative and innovative use of social media or technology will be named the winner and will receive the beautiful Social Media trophy.

Closing Date: Thursday 31 December 2020

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