Hedgehog Info Day Correction!

We advertised this exciting information day in the June and July/August issues of County News, but unfortunately we advertised the wrong times. The adverts say that the event will run from 10:30am to 12pm.

But the correct times are 10:30am to 3pm – it is an all-day event!

We are very very sorry for this double error. We were blind as bats. None of us noticed until now, even though one member queried it. Please will you let your members know?

For information, here are the details about the workshop and the day:

The hedgehog population has slumped drastically. Our next Allsop Cup Competition, running for the whole of 2020, will involve your WI investigating and surveying the hedgehog population in your area, including a survey. ‘Operation Hedgehog’, coordinated by Cornwall Wildlife Trust, aims to raise awareness of the decline in hedgehogs, to get us involved to help better understand the status of hedgehogs in Cornwall and encouraging us to create better habitats for hedgehogs in their gardens.

Come and join us on an information day at Chy Noweth where you will learn all about hedgehogs from the Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Prickles and Paws. And hopefully you will meet one or two as well!

You will learn from the Environmental Records Centre how to do research and survey your local hedgehogs to shed light on the population in your area. The survey will be very exciting – using hedgehog tunnels.

This is a fascinating subject and we hope that you will be inspired to join us. You are not obliged to enter the Allsop Cup afterwards: though we hope you will! Come and appreciate your local hedgehog population all the more.

The Allsop Cup Competition is an environmental study which takes place every five years and runs for a full year. You present your study results in all sorts of imaginative ways. The winner will be announced at the 2021 Spring Countdown. Full details for the 2020 competition will be available shortly.

Closing date for applications for the training day have been extended to 14th August. Send applications to Chy Noweth as usual.

Bring a packed lunch. We will serve tea and coffee all day.

Cost: £11
Further Information: Julia Havard  01736 740479 or 07971 530102 or juliahavard123@btinternet.com.

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