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School Readers is a national charity that provides volunteers to primary schools to listen to children read – quite a number of their volunteers are WI members! Last year, volunteers delivered over a quarter of a million individual reading support sessions with a child. School Readers volunteers are making a real impact on the state of literacy in this country, and providing many, many children with improved life opportunities.

As this service is offered free to schools, in order to cover operational costs School Readers must self-fund. They do this in various ways, such as holding fundraising events. They have just launched their second book club quiz challenge. This is a fun quiz for book clubs to enjoy at one of their meetings. Last year the winner was in fact a WI book club!

If your WI has a book club, why not make one of your regular meetings this spring a School Readers quiz fundraiser? When you register for the quiz, you’ll receive a Book Club Quiz pack, which includes a quiz sheet, details of how to take part, and a paying in form. You’ll be supporting a wonderful cause while having a bit of fun at the same time!

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