Home ‘Admin’ Service Available

Age UK would like to introduce a new Home “Admin” Service which may be of benefit to WI members aged over 50.

The service is designed to alleviate any anxiety and stress that can come when organising paperwork at home. The service aims to make sure the bills are paid on time and a person’s day-to-day affairs run more smoothly.

Bereavement, illness, a house move or any change of circumstances can lead to a person to fall behind in keeping their paperwork in order. Whatever the trigger, the Home “Admin” Service can create an organised, easily accessible filing system within an individual’s home.

You can read more about the service by downloading the Home “Admin” leaflet here.

If you would like any more information regarding the Home “Admin” Service or would like an Age UK representative to speak to your WI, please contact rebecca.kevern@ageukcornwall.org.uk.

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