How about a spring litter pick?

Now that spring has pretty well sprung, we are all thinking about various spring cleaning ideas. What about a litter pick? If everything goes to plan, by the end of March, we’ll be able to meet outdoors in groups of six. What better way to get members of your WI outdoors and together?

If you fancy getting involved, Clean Cornwall can help in all sorts of ways.

If you to know about organised litter picks in your area, Clean Cornwall can tell you about those too.

Or you might fancy doing a litter pick on your own, or in a group. Clean Cornwall can help you do it in all sorts of ways:

  • Offer advice on how to plan a pick
  • Help you decide where to go
  • Provide you with insurance
  • Loan you litter picking equipment
  • Even take the litter away afterwards for you
  • Help you promote what you are doing if you like

To get started, go to the Clean Cornwall website and download the LitterPickPack.

CFWI is a member of Clean Cornwall, a charity which is a partnership of local businesses, community groups, volunteers and public sector groups dedicated to reducing litter. It receives some funding from Cornwall Council.

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