Join the Big Lunch Movement!

Exciting news! The Eden Project is closing its doors for one day on June 2 to encourage people to join in and support The Big Lunch.

Eden’s bold aim has always been to bring the country to a stop for a few hours as people come together where they live and enjoy The Big Lunch, so this year Eden will close for one day and staff will be encouraged to spend time in their communities and support Big Lunches in their area.

Peter Stewart MVO, Eden’s Executive Director, said: “The Big Lunch has never been more important – we want everyone to come together with their neighbours and we’re looking to lead the way.”

Want to join this marvellous movement? The Big Lunch 2019 pack is back from the printers and popping onto doormats across the UK this very moment.

For those who have already registered for a postal pack, it won’t be long now! If you haven’t registered for your pack yet, not to worry, there’s still time!

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  1. How many WIs in Cornwall own their own hall? Are there separate rules applying to ? ownership and management to aid such WIs? Who makes decisions regarding improvements to the hall?

    • That’s a very complex question, Iola! Do you think you could contact the office for more information?

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