Let’s Talk about Fuel Poverty

Did you know that people in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have among the highest rates of fuel poverty – i.e., people whose required fuel bills are above the national average and who struggle to keep warm because of the costs – in the country?

Insulation is a key factor, as well as tackling damp. On average, 33% of heat is lost through the walls of poorly insulated houses, and 26% through the roof.

A new initiative called Fuelling Connections Cornwall has been developed by an organisation called Hubbub and launched by all the Cornwall MPs. Its aim is to help communicate the help that is available to people in Cornwall who might be struggling to keep warm and well. It also hopes to offer assistance people who might be supporting others in this situation.

As well as helping to keep our neighbours warm, it is a key factor in the fight against climate change, as tackling fuel poverty also helps reduce carbon emissions.

Fuelling Connections Cornwall has partnered with the Cornwall Winter Wellness campaign that coordinates all the help that is available to people to enable them to stay warm and well in the winter.

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